40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge

Day 1: Steps
Day 2: Office

Day "I got behind": Junk from the desk area in the dining room

Day "Still catching up": Papers from the living room and shelves

  1. Steps
  2. Steps
  3. Steps
  4. The kids' closet
  5. Bathroom cabinet
  6. Shelves by the front door
  7. Living room closet
  8. Behind the chair in the living room
  9. Toy storage in dining room
  10. Corner cabinet in dining room
  11. Sewing desk
  12. Bookshelves in dining room
  13. Buffet and hutch area
  14. Kitchen table
  15. Top of fridge
  16. Under the kids' bed
  17. Toy box in kids' room
  18. Storage under my bed
  19. My closet
  20. Top of my dressers
  21. Top of Ken's dresser
  22. Basement shelves
  23. Basement shelves
  24. Basement shelves
  25. Basement shelves
  26. Garage
  27. Garage
  28. Garage
  29. Upstairs guest room
  30. Upstairs guest room
  31. Upstairs guest room
  32. Upstairs guest room
  33. Upstairs guest room
  34. Office
  35. Office 
  36. Office
  37. Office 
  38. Office
  39. Upstairs closet
  40. Front yard and garden area

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  1. This is way too smart! I need to do something like this and really get our house under control!


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