Friday, December 7, 2018

All I Want for Christmas...

We were out late last night at Confession. Then we had ice cream to celebrate, of course. Went to bed late because of the schedule change and all the sugar. Trudged out of bed this morning to get everyone moving. I'm running through the list of things to get done today and I'm wishing I had a magical fairy to help me out. Or maybe a button to stop time so I can take care of some things. I need to be in two or three places at once today and I don't see how that's gonna happen.

Henry and Frances are playing violin at a company Christmas party tonight. Then Frances wants to meet up with her boyfriend to walk in the Christmas parade and I have to get Henry to Benjamin's after school program so we can all walk the parade together. This involves costume changes and dinner on the run. I'm not even sure where we're all meeting up at the end of the night, so I am once again glad that Frances has a cell phone.

I told the bigs they could bring Christmas boxes up from the basement if they wanted to look for Santa hats to wear tonight. We also need to get our tree up and the house decorated. I'm about halfway through the Christmas shopping I need to do, but the kids want to do their own shopping and I'm not sure when we'll accomplish that.

Plus, we're supposed to be Advent-ing. Slowing down in expectation for Jesus' birth. I'm trying to fit in extra prayer and reflection time. I want to prepare my heart and not just my house. But that's hard when the secular and sacred collide every year. There's so much going on and it's all important. I am saying "no" to things. I'm not over-scheduling on purpose, this just seems to be the way the holiday season goes.

I want to enjoy this time more than I do. I love Christmas. I just wish there were more time to do all the Christmas things. It doesn't help that it gets dark at noon!

My perfect Christmas holiday would be more time. More time to spend with people. More time to do all the things we love doing, without them conflicting with each other. More time to sit in the quiet and reflect on the wonder of the season. And maybe time to take a little nap too.

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