Friday, October 21, 2016

Five Minute Friday: Park

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Five minutes on: Park


I'm a mom, so I feel like when I hear the work "park" my thoughts should immediately go to a green space; possibly filled with play structures where my kids can run and around and make as much noise as they'd like. And I do go there in my mind, but only briefly.

Quickly, though, my brain turns to the verb form of the word and the settled-ness it brings to mind. With housing issues up in the air, I think my brain is constantly yearning for a permanent place to park. A place to think about the future and to celebrate the past. We're coming up on a holiday season that I already know will be unique because we will only celebrate these holidays once in our current living space. Next year we'll be somewhere completely different. Will we be parked in a forever home at that point? Watching the current market really makes me wonder.

I don't like this feeling of unease. I will admit that it's gotten better since we've gotten used to our current home. Last night was the first night since we've moved in that all the dishes were done! I celebrated with a bowl of ice cream! In a disposable bowl, of course. It was nice to wake up to a clean sink this morning and I was proud of the kids for washing their own breakfast dishes.

I've got plans for a good cleaning spree tomorrow and then I'll be parking my rear end on the couch for a Sunday day of rest! Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend?


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