Monday, June 6, 2016

Manly Wind Chimes

We've had a rough month. We lost a baby mid May and it's been hard getting back into the swing of things emotionally as well as physically. Around this same time, Ken bought a bird feeder. And then another and another. Now I think we have 6 bird feeders in our yard! He enjoys sitting outside with a book or a beer (or both) and just watching the birds. He even has a bird book and has begun quizzing the kids on the names of each one.

I feel like being in the yard and enjoying nature is helping to bring healing to his heart, so I knew that his Father's Day gift would have to be something he could enjoy outside. I came up with this wind chime that was fairly easy to put together and can be adapted many different ways. You decide what the man in your life would enjoy and make it personal for you.

Here's what I did:

I ended up not using those colorful sockets because I couldn't figure out how to attach them. :(
First I bought some wrenches. Make sure your materials are stainless steel, or otherwise non-rustable materials. I also found some chain. Then I confused the heck out a few good guys at a number of hardware stores. Just try telling them you don't know what you want, but it has to be round with holes in it!! I finally settled on a drain cover. I knew it would hold up to being wet and it has enough holes to allow me to customize it in lots of different ways.

Am I the only one who makes this face while working?

I cut three pieces of chain to about the same length. I threaded each one through the outside holes of the drain cover and let them hang at different lengths. Using s-hooks and a pair of pliers, I attached a wrench to each end of the pieces of chain. Then I collected the chain together at the top with a larger s-hook for hanging.

The wind chime is ideal for Ken because it doesn't make a lot of noise, but there is definitely a sound when the wind blows. The tools are obviously a bit more manly than butterflies or flowers might be, so it's perfect for Father's Day.

I cheated because I was very excited to give Ken his gift, so I didn't save it for Father's Day. It can hang nicely in a tree for now and we'll find a more permanent mount for it after we move (TBD). I hope that it's just one more piece of enjoyment for him outside now.

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