Tuesday, April 19, 2016

P: Party Time #AtoZChallenge

Party Time! Excellent! Nothing makes me feel as old as that reference!

The movie Wayne's World is 24 years old! I really shouldn't have looked that up. I'll get back to the topic now.

April begins party time around here. There is a whole list of activities going on and life gets really busy from now until early June. My parent's celebrate 48 years of marriage tomorrow! In a week, Benjamin will turn 6 and Julie's daughter will turn 7. My niece is having her First Communion in early May, along with Mother's Day, violin concerts, dance recitals, and soccer games. The last in a string of special events is Henry's birthday in early June; just in time to kick off summer and the craziness that comes along with that!

I'm thankful that of all these events, I've only got to plan two of them. I've got to keep the rest of them on my mind, though. There are presents to be bought, costumes to pick up, rehearsals to schedule, and travel plans to hash out.

It's a good time of year for such things. The weather has vastly improved since last week and the sunshine is invigorating. I was actually sad to call the kids in for bedtime last night. They were having such a good time playing outside. And Ken was planning our garden and tilling up some soil.

Benjamin wants a Star Wars theme for his birthday party. He also wants a Harry Potter theme. I told him I'd already started on the Star Wars stuff and he could wait til next year for Harry Potter. We'll see if he remembers that long!

I love planning parties for my kids. We don't do friend parties, but prefer instead to do family parties at home. A good party involves food, fun, and fellowship. My family is a bit spread out, but thankfully within an easy day's drive. That said, life is busy and it is often only these family parties that manage to bring everyone together.

This upcoming six weeks of party time might get a little exhausting, but it's such a great time to be with family, that it's all worth it to me!

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