Tuesday, April 12, 2016

J: Junk Mail #AtoZBlogging

I was stumped with the letter "J" and I couldn't think of anything to write. I actually spent a good 45 minutes to an hour while I was awake in the middle of the night trying to think of words that start with J.

  • Jokes? I just wrote about that
  • Jewelry? I almost did, but I felt like a post showing off my jewelry collection would hold little to no interest for others. 
  • Julie? Covered her last week!
  • Junk? I've got plenty of that in my house, but I'm not in the mood to show it off right now.
  • Junk Mail?  Yay! I've got plenty of junk mail. And more coming in every day.
My junk mail senders haven't quite figured out who I am though. I assume that my name throws things off, because I am frequently referred to as a "handsome man" who needs to show "his lady" all about "his manhood." Well, I'm sorry to say that my manhood is quite disappointing. Mainly because I am a woman. The Viagra offers I've been getting would be of no help to me.
Plus I missed the best deal by waiting too long!

I've also been getting lots of emails about local single seniors. I know I'm pushing 40, but I certainly don't need a dating site for old people. I don't need a Christian dating site either. I mean, I'm Christian, and I think that's a great idea for finding like-minded people, but technically, I don't need a dating site at all, since I'm happily married.
But apparently, I can get divorced, drink some coffee, and then go find a new boyfriend!

My junk mail box collects a lot of emails from Twitter, Facebook, and other social media things that I don't need to be aware of. I remember trying to turn off those alerts, but for some reason it must not have worked.

I looked and looked, but all the Nigerian Princes seems to have given up on me. I haven't gotten any investment offers from them in a while. I hope it's not because they think I'm dead. I have been getting a lot of emails about funeral planning and cremation. Or maybe I just can't see the emails since I need LASIK surgery.

The only useful thing I see here is the battle between Marcia and Margie at Burger Rewards. That sounds really appealing. But really? I'd rather go with tacos.

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