Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Time to Celebrate

I love using this calendar over at Holiday Insights to find silly and fun holidays to post about. Many of the occasions they highlight are familiar to me. There are quite a few that make sense with a little bit of thought. Then there are those that just leave me scratching my head and saying, "Huh?!"

But the real question here is, "Are we covering all the bases? Has every single segment of society or oddity been honored with it's own awareness day?

What about:

Wear your underwear inside out day?

Take your cat on a playdate day?

Hide quarters in your couch cushions for when you're broke day?

Wear plaids and stripes together day?

Eat your cereal from a plate day?

Call your high school ex just to chat day?

Read your kids' bedtime story backwards day (night?)?

Make your sandwich inside out day?

Alphabetize your movie collection day?

Left-handed red-head awareness day?

Drive with your turn signal on day?

Bring your dad to work day?

Make sure to add these to your calendar and celebrate in the coming year!

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