Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Resolution Recap: October Update

Here we are again; the beginning of another month. I cannot believe it is already November!! Someone needs to slow down the time and soon!

My update for my resolutions isn't much different than September, but since I've promised myself I would take a look at them and write a post every month, I should probably keep that promise. Here are the highlights from October:

Activity-wise, I've recently realized that parking at the far end of the lot is now a habit for me. I was running late one day last week and I parked in the close spaces and it just felt strange to me. I've also been doing more running, since we've actually been able to have soccer practice and I've been out on the field with my little Kindergartners. Still not actively tracking my steps, but I got another compliment on me weight today, so it must be working!

Money-wise, we've been okay. I've still been dipping into my emergency fund on occasion, but not as often, and I've continued to build it back. Despite the holiday spending that I know is coming and the hospital bills for Ken, I still feel confident that I will be able to build my saving up to $1,000 by then end of this year. Once I can keep that $1,000 reliably, I'd like to roll it into a CD for better return and keep building our savings.

Blogging-wise, October was a pretty good month. I got back in the habit of daily writing and I didn't have the long absences that were starting to become a habit. I've been better about jotting down ideas even when I'm not near a computer and then typing them up later. I have one goal I'd love some help on for a final push on the year: I'd love to get my Facebook Fans up to a nice round 800. I've only got 11 to go! If you haven't already liked my page, you can do so here. I've also started a newsletter that I rarely update, but if you'd like to subscribe, please do and you might be pleasantly surprised by me in your mailbox every once in a while!

How was your October?

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