Thursday, November 19, 2015

How to Make a Tuna Sandwich, by Henry age 8

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Henry loves to eat. He loves flavors and seasonings and sometimes he freaks me out by running into the kitchen and yelling, "Is that oregano?!" while I'm cooking dinner. At meal time he picks out specific flavors from foods and comments on them. He truly enjoys his food. In fact, after teasing him one day that the only food he didn't like was raisins, he actually ate some raisins and changed his mind! All this to say, that when I needed a kid to help me with a review in the kitchen, I knew he was the one to pick.

I was offered this Bru Joy Side Cut can opener for review, and I was more than happy to check it out. Can openers and I have a love/hate relationship. I hate electric ones because I can never get everything lined up properly to make it work. Plus they take up valuable counter space in my small kitchen. I've always used a hand held opener, but after cutting my fingers open on one too many lids, I sought out a safer option. We've actually owned a few of the side cut style openers, but the most recent one we purchased wouldn't open the thicker cans, like those for tuna fish or canned chicken.

My biggest goal was to discover is this can opener would open a tuna fish can. My secondary goal was to teach Henry how to make a tuna fish sandwich. Thirdly, I'll take any excuse to make a video of my kids being cute! I wish I could have left in all the little songs Henry sang while preparing his lunch. However, there was an awful lot of other background noise and the editing process made everything jumpy.

Suffice it to say, after this review, I know the following:

  • This can opener can handle the thicker cans and open lids with edges so safe an 8 year old can handle them.
  • Henry may not whistle while he works, but he does some really cute scat singing.
  • There's a new sous chef in the Lieber household!
I received compensation (free items and/or cash) in exchange for writing this review.
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