Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Next Ten Years

Last week I wrote about the things that have changed and not changed in my life within the last ten years. I feel like that time span can encompass such a large amount of change and still have a good number on constants as well. This week we are asking readers to think forward 10 years. What are some things you are hoping will (or will not) change in your life?

In ten years I will be 47 years old. I will have a 21 year old, 18 year old, and a 15 year old. That means we'll likely have two away at college and just one kid still at home. That seems like such a huge shift in our daily life! Part of me is afraid to even think about it, lest it come about that much sooner. Nevertheless, in the next ten years I hope:

1. That we've moved to a new house. I've said many times that I love our house and our neighborhood. My biggest complaint is the lack of space and single bathroom. We can't really add on because we aren't in a place that would make those things easy or financially worth it. That leaves us the option of moving. I'm not pushing it big time now, but it's always in the back of my mind and I hope that sometime in the next ten years we'll have been able to do it.

2. That sometime in the next ten years, Ken will have made up his mind about buying a new truck. I'm not going to hold my breath though!

3. That Ken and I have strengthened our personal relationship. So much of our lives now revolve around parenting. I'm hoping that we have done a good job of holding on to the part of our relationship that has nothing to do with being a mom or a dad.

4. That I'll still be blogging. I'm not sure what blogging will look like or if anyone will still care, but I've found it to be a great way to chronicle our family adventures and day to day life. I'll keep at it if for just that reason alone.

5. That I am still friends with many of the same people I am friends with now. And that I've added a few more. I've already learned that there are some people that stay with your for a lifetime and others that are in and out of your life. I'm okay with that. It happens. I just hope that the friends I have now are keepers and that I've picked up a few more along the way.

6. That my kids are good friends with each other. I know they fight now, but it's nothing major and I pray that they are learning valuable conflict resolution skills. My brothers and I fought too, but now we are friends and I know they've always got my back. I wish that for my kids as well.

7. That I've taught my kids the skill they need to be independent. I know they'll probably never thank me for making them do chores, but I do hope that they aren't the ones in their dorms who don't know how to scramble an egg or wash a load of clothes. They aren't keen on those things now, but they'll appreciate the skills someday!

8. That I'm still able to volunteer in ways that make my world a better place. Currently I teach Children's Church and also serve on the board of my kids' after-school program. I likely won't be in those same roles, but I hope that I am still making a difference.

9. That health care has made leaps and bounds. Wouldn't it be amazing to see cancer cures and deadly diseases rradicated in our lifetimes?!! And wouldn't it also be amazing if health care was available to everyone and drug manufacturers weren't getting rich while watching people die?

10. That the world figures out compassion. We are living in times of great turmoil and almost constant fighting between this group and that group. I hope that I can send my kids off into a world that values human life and dignity no matter the race, color, creed or ethnicity. Is it possible that we could learn to love one another for the sameness we all share instead of the 1-2% different-ness?

That's a lot to have happen in the next ten years! What are your hopes and dreams?

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