Tuesday, September 22, 2015

10 Diary Entries I'd Love to Read

Dear Diary,
I'm a stalker. I admit it. I creep around Facebook to see if any of my ex-boyfriends have married anyone better looking than I am (nope!) and I check on prospective hires to see how many solo cups I can count in their profile pics. But I promise that I don't go sneaking into people's private stuff. I only read what's publicly available. I'm not completely without scruples! Today, in honor of Dear Diary Day, I present to you 10 Diary Entries I'd Love to Read!

1. God-I know we've got the Bible as a record of events, but what about the behind the scenes thoughts on everything He did. Did he crack up when he created the giraffe and the elephant? Did he regret the flood after he saw that the unicorns didn't make it in time?

2. My kids' teachers-I'm hoping it went well, but I know that first day can be a doozy! I didn't get my first phone call until 4 whole days into the school year this year! That shows a lot of restraint on the part of teachers around here!

3. President Obama-I can't imagine the pressure to be a world leader. My gut tells me that he's trying to do the best he knows how to with what's available to him. There are a lot of people who disagree with him, but he got elected twice, so we also have to assume there's a reason for that. I wonder what goes through his private thoughts on a regular day.

4. Caillou's Mom-Does she keep a diary? Does she sleep? What are her real thoughts on her bald-headed off-spring? Is she as annoyed with him as they rest of us are?

5. Oscar-I wish he could write a diary entry to explain what is so important about 4 AM that he feels the need to wake us all up. While I'm reading, I wonder if he'd reveal the reason he keeps puking all over the house. Cats are quite the mystery!

6. My kids-Maybe if I could get to the bottom of what's going through their heads when they aren't listening to me, I could figure out a better way to get their attention and get them motivated!

7. The Pope-How's he feeling about his US visit? It's a big deal for American Catholics, but I imagine it's a big deal for him as well. Wouldn't it be interesting to read both his and President Obama's perspective on their meeting?!

8. Ken-He doesn't keep a diary. He doesn't go on Facebook. He's a pretty private person and sometimes it's hard to know what he's thinking. I'd love to sneak a peek every once in a while just to see what actually goes through his head!

9. Any celebrity-What goes through their heads after a day of shooting on a new movie? What's a "regular" day look like? Do celebrities get tired of being famous or do they enjoy every bit of it?

10. The babysitter--They always say the kids were cute and they had fun, but is that really true?! They don't act all cute and fun for me!! Just once I"d like to check out a diary entry after a night with my kids and see what really goes on. Or maybe I wouldn't...

Whose diary would you read?

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