Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Resolution Recap for July

I think this will be the saddest resolution update I've written yet. Summer is hard and I've been way out of routine for everything. Weekdays have been spent shuttling the kids to camps before and after work, or entertaining them in my office. Weekends have involved lots of driving to deliver or pick up, or even swap kids around. I'm craving a weekend to stay home and unwind (and catch up on laundry and dishes!)

I don't even really want to write the update, but sometimes I find them motivating, so I will go ahead and do it anyway.

Steps? I've taken off my pedometer and stopped tracking them. I know I've been sitting a lot, but I'm still parking far away from the building to walk in. I'm hoping to pick it back up when school starts again and my routine gets back to normal.

Dates? Ken and I have been spending more time together, for sure, but we haven't really added a real date. This is another thing I hope to be more intentional about when school starts again.

Reading? I'm glad that I've been reading, but I haven't been challenging myself with any good non-fiction. Any suggestions?

Yelling? Finally! A good report! I've definitely gotten the yelling under control. I'll call this a double win since it's summer and that's a harder time on everyone. It sounds backwards, but I've been giving out a lot of hugs when I see us getting to the tipping point. That seems to help keep things on an even keel.

Weight? Another good report! I've been consistently in the 125-126 range. I really want to add exercise to the mix, but fitting it in has been hard. I know that I just need to make it happen, but my motivation has been pretty close to zero.

Blogging? It's been going well. I've been reaching out and enticing readers from new places. Summer is a hard time for blogging because lots of writers take the summer off or cut way back. I've not intentionally cut back, but I've allowed myself some space when I just didn't feel like writing. I know when I force things it doesn't come out well anyway.

It's honestly been a great summer. The kids have been very busy with lots of different camp experiences. This week and next we are trying to take it somewhat easy. The bigs have had the sniffles, so they might have caught an end-of-summer cold. I'm on vacation next week, but we're not going anywhere. I'm looking forward to relaxing and home and getting caught up on the house. Does that even make sense!?!

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