Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Life Lessons From Candy Crush

Okay, so after this post, and this post, and this post, and this post, you might think I have an obsession with Candy Crush. I'm not going to argue with you. I had honestly avoided it for a long time because I knew that if I tried it, I would be hooked. Sure enough, I was right. I will say that I haven't connected it to Facebook and I haven't bugged anyone for extra lives, so there's that. I also appreciate the time limits that force me to go do other things for brief periods of time.

I have also, believe it or not, amassed many life lessons while playing this infuriatingly addictive game!

1. Sometimes you have to wait. You can't always have what you want to immediate moment that you want it. Life doesn't work that way. Sometimes you have to wait for better timing, wait for a more secure financial situation, or wait for your lives to renew on Candy Crush!

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2. The obvious move is not always the best. There are many times in my life that I have had a decision to make. Sometimes, though decisions come easy, and sometimes I have a lot of thinking to do. I've learned that the correct decision is not always the obvious, or easy one. Sometimes life just wants you to work harder than that. Or to trust that better things are coming. Sometimes you have to do a couple of different things to set up the move you really want.

3. Don't always listen to the suggestions. There are lots of voices in my life. Most of them are looking out for me, but they don't always have all the pieces of the puzzle. I'm all for asking for advice when it's warranted, but you can't blindly follow what other people tell you to do. So when those pieces blink, don't match up 'em up without checking all the other options first!

4. Ask for help. On the other hand, there really are times when I've not known what to do. I have a good collection of wise people I can turn to whether it be financial (my dad), spiritual (my mom), parenting-related (my Julie) or any other types of advice I might need. It's not cheating to use those candy bonuses when you need them.

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5. Don't rely on boosts. Again, I feel like I'm contradicting myself. (I really wanted to say "on the other hand" again, but I don't have three hands!) There are times in life that you might be offered a leg up. A shortcut. An easy out. Look at that option long and hard before you take it. If you use a boost before you've tried all the other solutions, you may just be training yourself to take the easy way out. In the long run, you've wasted all your boosts before you really need them, and you've gotten used to putting in minimal effort.

6. Practice, practice, practice. The more you work at something, the more likely you are to be successful. You might start to see patterns in your life that you weren't noticing before. They might be good patterns to let you know you're heading in the right direction, or they might be warning signs that you can pick out because you've been paying attention. Either way, the more you practice and work hard, the better off you'll be.

7. Persevere. Similar to practicing something, perseverance says you don't give up when things get hard. Like, for example, when it took me almost a month to beat level 117! LOL! Or, for real, when I applied for lots of jobs and didn't get any of them, but I kept trying. Or when breastfeeding was difficult and I stuck with it. If there's something in life that you really want, you have to keep trying.

8. Know when to give up. Here I go again, contradicting myself! There are some things in life that just aren't meant to be. I wish I knew a magic formula for sorting out which things to keep working on and which ones to put aside. All I know is that sometimes you have to step back from a dream and just leave it alone. Maybe for a week, maybe for a month, maybe for a year. Or maybe forever. That's hard. But sometimes it's for the best, or just the best you can do for your mental health.

9. Money is not a quick fix. There are lots of problems in this world. Money is great to have, but it's really not going to solve those problems. Especially, if the underlying causes aren't addressed as well. In terms of Candy Crush, and other similar games my kids play: please don't buy the power packs! It's real money for fake gains! There is no value whatsoever to gold bars or coconut wheels. And don't think you can try it "just once." (See #5)

10. Perspective is always essential. I'll admit that I've gotten frustrated with a few levels of Candy Crush. There have been times that I had one task that I could have finished with one more move, or a chocolate that eats a piece I've been setting up for five moves. It's frustrating, but so are many parts of life. And I frequently need to remind myself that no matter how difficult life (or Candy Crush) gets, tomorrow is another day. I have faith that things will turn out they way they are meant to be.

Have you ever found any life lessons in strange places?

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