Thursday, July 16, 2015

Soap Club: Natural Organic Soaps

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My husband is a hard man to shop for. Partly because he doesn't like people buying him things, and partly because if there's something he wants he just buys it himself. I don't typically buy him much for holidays because I know it bothers him, but every once in a while I cave and feel like surprising him with something special.

This year for Father's Day, because I knew Benjamin was making something at his day care and I didn't want the older two to feel left out. I decided that we'd make up a gift basket from all of us. Please note that when I say "gift basket" I don't mean an actual basket. What would he do with that?!

There are two ways that I trick my husband into accepting gifts from me. One of those ways is to gift him something that benefits the whole family. The other way is to say it's from the kids. For Father's Day this year, I combined those two with a third (and not frequently used) method of acquiring items for review that are geared toward men.

I received a bar of soap from Soap Club at a deep discount in exchange for this review. I decided to add it to some other items and make a funny collection out of it for Ken. Please note that I said funny. He really did laugh when he read this! I added in a few other things I knew he'd enjoy (OK, twist my arm...the gummy soda bottles were more for me!)

Sure enough, the gift was a big hit. He and Henry LOVE grits and eat them on a regular basis. The beef jerky and cheese crackers are great for snacks at work. The gummy soda bottles were quite delicious, if I do say so myself! And the soap? This soap is wonderful
Ken has been using it for the past month. It lathers well, smells good, and leaves him feeling clean. The bar is a good size to fit in your hand and the square shape makes it easy to hold on to. I like that it's made from natural and organic ingredients. It has held up well over this month with daily use, and I can see it lasting another couple of months at least.

There are lots of scent options available for men and women. Visit Soap.Club for more information or to sign up.

I received compensation (free items and/or cash) in exchange for writing this review.
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  1. So glad the soap was a big hit for Father's Day ;)

  2. What an awesome Father's Day you made for Ken!
    I love good soap. It's just so appealing.

  3. Smart lady! My husband hates getting gifts. He thinks it's a waste of money. I love this idea and what can I say other than good soap makes all of the difference!


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