Monday, July 20, 2015

Recently: By the Numbers

1st Percentile: Benjamin's stats at his 5 year checkup

4.5: The age at which children should be able to dress themselves independently (according to the developmental checklist I was given)

4: The number of times Benjamin has gotten himself dressed since his checkup, since he's "not four and a half!!!"

15+: The number of police cars/motorcycles I was behind on my way to Manassas on Friday

3: The number of times the lady behind us at the play on Friday tapped my should to say she couldn't see over my kids' heads

3: The number of times I ignored her (My kids were on their knees, but no higher in their seats than I was. She never would have complained about a tall adult, so why complain about my kids?!?!)

17: The number of limbs Benjamin seems to have while sleeping in the bed with me

560: The number of miles I put on my van this weekend driving from Harrisonburg to Manassas to Radford and back to Harrisonburg

2: The number of fast food restaurants I have to stop at to make everyone happy on a road trip

4: The number of family/friends I got to visit with over the weekend

#summer #chickens #lifeisgood #homesweethome

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3: The number of beds I've slept in since Friday

2: The number of children I dropped off at camps

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1: The number of children I have at home this week

1: The number of chickens I held this weekend at my brother's house

Me and my brother's chicken, Sweetie Pie.

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  1. Love by the numbers here and I am with you with the amount of limbs my kids seem to have if they try and sleep in the same bed as me, too! ;)


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