Tuesday, June 23, 2015

10 Couples to Trade Places with for a Day

This is exactly how the conversation went:

Me: I need you to help me write a blog post.
Him: Um...I think you might be speaking to the wrong person.
Me: No, really. TuesdayTen is on our anniversary this year. The topic is ten people you'd like two trade places with for a day. I thought, since it's our anniversary, we could do something with celebrity couples.
Him: I don't follow celebrities. I don't know anything about who is dating who!
Me: No! You watch TV. I figured we could do movie and TV couples! Like Avenger couples or something!
Him: Oh...I guess that's something I know a little about!

I gave him the day to think about it and then after the kids went to bed, he said, "Let's get this over with so we can watch TV." You can tell he really loves blogging, right!?!

In honor of 14 years of marriage, here are ten celebrity couples we'd like to switch places with for a day!

  1. Tony Stark and Pepper Potts--I said Avengers, so of course, this was the first match he thought of. I think I've seen all the movies, but it was probably out of order or in bits and pieces. I assume he meant that we'll annoy each other all day, per usual and then...
  2. Marshall and Lily--We've been watching How I Met Your Mother (no spoilers, please). He joked that we should be Robin and Barney, but I don't see any similarities in either of them. I think Marshall and Lily make a sweet couple. Plus, they dated through college and then got married and had kids before the rest of their friends. Ken would have an interesting day as a lawyer, and I'm sure I could survive teaching Kindergarten (but not being an art buyer)
  3. Han Solo and Princess Leia--He suggested it and we both laughed. Then just as I was asking about the gold bikini, he was telling me I didn't really have to wear it. I won't mention his wardrobe idea, since my mom might read this! ;)
  4. Ron and Hermione--We have a special relationship with the Harry Potter series as we read it to each other as the books came out. We discussed swapping with Harry and Ginny, but we see more similarities with Ron and Hermione.
  5. Buffy and Angel--Another show we've watched together. In fact, we were discussing it for some reason last week. I guess he sees himself as the brooding type, more than the bad boy type. And of course, I'm always up for saving the world!
  6. Jeff and Audrey Bingham--Besides HIMYM, we're watching Rules of Engagement. Again, here's a couple married and (trying to have) kids before their friends. We deal with similar issues in being out of sync with our friends, so the story lines often seem familiar.
  7. Wesley and Buttercup--Actually, this movie was on TV as we were making our list. It was a bit distracting since we were both taking turns quoting lines from the movie while it was muted. We decided it would be fun to go on an epic, true-love adventure!
  8. Lightning McQueen and Sally--I had the thought that we should think of an animated movie, so of course he went with something automotive!
  9. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill--He doesn't particularly like to sing (although he can) but he likes country music. Maybe he wants a leggy blonde. Or maybe he just wants me to get him into football games. I didn't ask.
  10. Castle and Beckett--We are so behind on watch Castle! The DVR got messed up and we gave up trying to stay current. I guess we'll get back to it, but in the meantime, we can swap places with them and solve a nasty crime in New York City.
  11. Rainbow Trout and Power Bait--Um, I think this was his way of saying he was done helping me. Besides, he says no one uses Power Bait anymore.
In all reality, I wouldn't swap him out for anyone at all! I'm blessed to have spent the last 14 years married to him and I"m hoping for many, many more! He does look good as Tony Stark, though, right?!

Who would you swap places with for a day?

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  1. The beginning conversation sounded a lot like ones, Kevin and I have had here. Seriously, my husband definitely is similar with blogging, too 😉

  2. Ooh I really like where you went with this topic :) Awesome to involve your hubby in this.

  3. What fun -- great that you convinced hubby to be involved - don't know if I would be able to do that!

  4. Karen @ BakingInATornadoJune 23, 2015 at 2:28 PM

    Happy anniversary! If ever there was a time to say you wouldn't swap him out for anyone, your anniversary would be that time. Enjoy!

  5. Leave it to husbands to end the conversation with a discussion on power bait! Happy Anniversary to you 2 :)

  6. This is fun! I wish I had seen this earlier today, I might have had Scotty do something similar. We love movies, and have a few shows we like to watch, it'd be interesting to see who he'd choose :) Happy Anniversary Liebers! Here's to many, many more <3

  7. Ron and Hermione is a good one! Maybe I'd love to be Angelina and Brad for a day. Not even something I'd need for more than a day, but I'd love to have the fine living for a bit!

  8. Marshall and Lily are so adorable - I love that show! But I do love the chemistry Tony and Pepper have, great choice :)

  9. Awww, I love this so much :) Hahahah, I know my bf would have the same attitude about participating in something like this for my blog (though I think it's adorable and a fun activity to think on!).

    Though I'm not a country music fan myself, I like Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill together. They just seem so down-to-earth and sweet for each other :)

    Hmmm.... I'd love to swap places with Brad/Angie for the day. Is that too obvious of an answer though? Ohhhhh or Jim/Pam from the Office, because awwww.

  10. Kristi - Finding NineeJune 27, 2015 at 12:06 AM

    HAHAH awesome. Um.. maybe Angelina and Brad? I think that part of the reason Iike this so much is because my husband would have had the same reaction - that he doesn't know any celebs until he actually realized he does and then would have had all sorts of opinions!

  11. How fun!! I'd probably choose Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl!! Hahaha. And yep, Marshall and Lily tandem is like the "model" couple for me.

  12. Aw that is so sweet you guys ready HP to each other! We're big fans too. I love that you reference Lily and Marshall. I watched that whole show! Right now we're watching The Office so I guess my pick would be Jim and Pam :)

  13. Jim and Pam is another sweet couple. I don't remember if we ever finished watching that series. I'm pretty sure we did.

  14. I've never seen Gossip Girl, but I've heard lots of talk about it. Maybe I should check it out?!

  15. I don't pay much attention to celebrities at all. My husband knows the characters they play though. He's a movie-phile!

  16. I think those are all pretty sweet couples. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between the actors and the characters they play.

  17. Chemistry is good! Makes things more interesting.

  18. I could live with a day of pampering and being catered to. I don't know if I could deal with the paparazzi, though.

  19. You should still ask him. Even if you don't publish. It would be an interesting insight!!

  20. Men!! Whatcha gonna do? Usually it's the hunting conversations that I tune out.

  21. There have been a few days that I might have considered swapping him...

  22. He usually just rolls his eyes when I start with the blog talk.

  23. It was fun! I really enjoyed getting Ken to participate.

  24. Glad I'm not the only one, Janine!


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