Tuesday, May 5, 2015

#TuesdayTen: Random Photos

Did you know that May is "Photo Month?" It kinda makes sense with all the special events that usually occur around this time of year: Mother's Day, graduations, church events, weddings, etc. Today, I'm sharing 10 random photos off my phone and the stories behind them!
The boys came to work with me for a bit one afternoon. They obviously needed to test out the furniture.
I tried out this new pork recipe a few weeks ago. I was a bit nervous because of the directions but it tasted divine! You season the roast with your favorite seasons and place it in a 500 degree oven for 5 minutes per pound. Then you turn the oven off and leave it shut for an hour. After an hour, take out the meat, cover it tightly with foil and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then serve.
Being silly with my Pop Secret cinnamon roll popcorn and sunglasses courtesy of #KloutPerks.
These ducks have been hanging around the church lately. We named them Peter, James, and John.
This is not what I was expecting when I opened this jewelry box!
My beautiful girl enjoying a Dum Dum after dinner.
Henry's First Communion class closed their retreat with an Agape meal. He decorated his own Paten and Chalice that he got to bring home as a memento. Less than two weeks until his First Communion!
Participants all lined up and ready to run at the First Annual Second Home Super Hero 5K!
My littlest one just turned 5! He's showing off his birthday shirt and his age.
I have sadly become the building police on my end of the building. The past few Mondays I've noticed large amounts of glass in the parking lot from the house across the street (college parties). One day last week, I saw this tag on the wall. I was very angry that someone had damaged our building, but it actually came off nicely, except for the rocks and the grass.
What have you been photographing lately? Tell me in the commments or link up your own post below.

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  1. Aw, what great pics and like you constantly taking pics around here 😉

  2. I feel like I need to know the story behind the pink ring...and congrats on the First Communion!!!

  3. Fun pics! That pork looks yummy! I love that you named the ducks, too!

  4. This list was AWESOME. I love the first one—the furniture. It cracks me up to see what people are up to in their daily lives. So sorry to hear about the vandalism. That drives me nuts, even when I was in college, how people would just go crazy with other people's property. I'm all for parties and having fun, but not at the expense of other people who want nothing to do with it.

  5. Ha, awesome. I have lots of food photos on my phone.

    The pork looks delicious!

  6. Love that first picture. They look bored. LOL! The last 10 photos on my phone are from working this weekend and they are kind of boring. But since you went with random - maybe I'll do that and link up random ones in my phone. Good idea ;-) So what's that ring? Candy?

  7. Funky glasses Rabia! And I agree with Jill - what's the extended story of the ring??? Love your photos - thanks for sharing an insight of your life. My last 10 photos on my phone are of the kids, a couple of selfies (for #beaniesforbraincancer) and some snaps for #fmsphotoaday. Instead of sharing those photos, I have shared Our Family Photos :)

  8. That furniture looks like fun climbing!!! Love the roast, and oh my the ducks.... We have a pair at the girls Middle school that have been coming and having their babies every year for 8 years.... So adorable...... So sad to see the TAG on the school, here is to hoping the TEENS get some common sense and stop that.....


  9. Nice klout perk! I wish I knew their process of sending those out. Demographics, I guess? I get some really great ones and miss others.

    Anyway, I digressed. The pork recipe looks super.
    Dum dums after dinner over here too!

  10. Kids are so cute. Love the photo of the boys on the office chairs. Congratulations on your son's First Holy Communion. Such a special time. I'd be angry about the Sigma Nu. Glad it came off quickly.

  11. How annoying about the college parties and their destruction. I can't believe someone would do that on your building!
    Lots of cute photos of your kids. Happy birthday to your son :-)

  12. I'm just glad the paint came off. We usually have better interactions with the students on this end of town.

  13. The boys had so much fun trying out the furniture! They'll get a few more chances this summer to come in and explore!

  14. I've only gotten two Klout perks. The popcorn and some light bulbs. You had a pretty cool one recently, didn't you?

  15. The house across the street was demolished by the student-residents this year. I've heard some real horror stories about what has happened. Thankfully, those students got evicted and some Young Life kids are moving in next year.

  16. There's actually not much story to the ring. I found it in my daughter's room. I opened the jewelry box, expecting a necklace and there was a bright pink, smooshy ring that lights up. Made me laugh, that's for sure!

  17. I'm always good with random stuff. That should be my signature word!
    The ring is that weird stretchy stuff that koosh type balls are made of. And it lights up if you hit it.

  18. Your restaurant photos always make me hungry! :)

  19. When I moved off campus, I specifically chose a residential neighborhood to avoid that sort of thing. I don't mind going to parties, but I don't want the party to come to me!

  20. We name everything around our house! It gets to be a lot to keep track of sometimes.

  21. Not much story, Jill. Just a squishy plastic ring my daughter put in a jewelry box. It lights up and everything!

  22. I love having my phone always available for pictures. Of course, sometimes it's TOO available, if you know what I mean!


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