Tuesday, April 21, 2015

And he's Mine...All Mine! #TuesdayTen

As with most things in life, the work you put in directly impacts the results you get. I don't think I truly knew this early on in my marriage. Sure, Ken and I loved each other. That was easy. We had lots in common and we had been friends for a while before we started dating. By the time we got married, we had dated for 5 years and known each other for about 9.

The wedding was the easy part...it's marriage that takes work! We have certainly had our ups and downs, but I truly am glad that we found each other and made a committment to be together forever. I don't tend to write about him often, but for #TuesdayTen and Couple Appreciation Month, I thought I'd share:

  1. He has a great sense of humor. We both tend to laugh about the same things and we have our own inside jokes after 14 years of marriage.
  2. He works hard. He enjoys retail work and he's good at it. He has always placed the customer's needs first and it shows in customer loyalty.
  3. He is a good cook! He likes trying new recipes and he has gotten me to like many things I haven't always liked to eat: zuchinni, squash, Brussels sprout.
  4. He's a good dad. Thanks to him, the kids are exposed to nice British TV like Top Gear and Dr. Who. He gladly engages them in light saber battles in the front yard and has enough toys for the neighborhood kids to join in.
  5. He handles the morning bus route and walks Henry to school whenever he can. He took care of getting both older kids to school last year and will get the boys on the bus next year when Benjamin starts Kindergarten.
  6. He sleeps on my side of the bed to warm it up if he goes to bed before me on cold nights.
  7. He gives nice backrubs. Especially the ones when I don't have to ask, but he just knows I've been tired and sore.
  8. He doesn't roll his eyes excessively when he says "good night" and I reply that I'll be there "just as soon as I finish this blog post."
  9. He had infinite Lego patience (although it is sometimes hard for him to share his Legos with the kids).
  10. He's got my back! When I was fretting about Benjamin's birthday cake on Sunday, he calmly said, "Did you make it? Just for him? Then it's perfect!" And it was!
What do you appreciate about your spouse, significant other, or other half?

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The Liebers


  1. Such great reasons to appreciate your husband, especially the Legos, which I am thankful Kevin is also so very patient with, too 😉

  2. #6 and #10!! Aw... Will he read this? My husband doesn't usually read my blog unless I have a post I really want him to see. That's fine with me, btw!

  3. This is awesome. There are a lot of things that I appreciate about my spouse as well!

  4. My hubby is a good cook too. Currently looking forward to his homemade chicken noodle soup this Friday (we're expecting rain this weekend)!

    Like I told Lisa, I slightly tweaked a post I wrote just over a year ago for this week's prompt.

  5. He warms up your side of the bed?!? That's true love! (My hubby would never do that!)

  6. #8 is an important one in the life of a blogger for sure! I LOVE #10. That is a good man for sure!

  7. He sounds awesome.

    Mine has Lego patience too. He loves to build them though, so that helps. Meanwhile I'm like, "WHY ISN'T THIS GOING TOGETHER?"

  8. What a great post! Sounds like a keeper for sure!
    My husband warms my side of the bed, too - so awesome! (and then I get in and put my ice cold feet on his legs to warm my feet:)

  9. Ha, boy can I identify with #8 :) And sleeping on your side of the bed is so sweet! Love this list, I'm thinking about writing one myself now. Maybe I'll make it a required couple activity!

  10. Warm fuzzies!! Love #8 - can totally relate to that one. One thing I appreciate about my partner is that - He made us a family! Before I met him I was a single mum (for seven years) and now we are a family of four and I love it!

  11. A couple of ours were the same again!! Love #8 - although I can't say the same on that one! :-)

  12. haha.. 8 and 9. That is so Cassidy! As well as being a good dad and watching Doctor Who.
    I loved this topic this week! I settled right into ti.

  13. I like taking time to be specific and purposeful about appreciating special people! It makes me feel good too!

  14. Oh, he rolls his eyes, just not *excessively*. Actually, if he does get irritated, then I know I'm pushing it too hard on blogging and I really do need to get to bed!

  15. I did that last night!! My side of the bed was so warm and my feet were so COLD!! :)

  16. I tend to take over, but he's better at helping. Maybe I just need my own Legos!

  17. He doesn't read blogs and he certainly won't ever have one of his own, but he tolerates mine just fine!

  18. Ken is disappointed that Ben picked Little Caesar's pizza for his birthday dinner. I think he was looking forward to cooking!

  19. Make sure you tell him!! It's good for both of you!

  20. He hasn't read it, but I did write some of it on a paper for him to read because of a class I took last week. He read that.

  21. I love Legos, but they drive me batty sometimes!


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