Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Things That Make You Go HUH?!

I went home yesterday to get dinner started before I picked up the kids. I didn't really have anything planned, and I hadn't taken anything out of the freezer. I found some ham slices that would be relatively easy to defrost and set about figuring out what to have as sides.

I started to go with macaroni and cheese, but my son who loves noodles and loves cheese does not like them mixed together. That's when I remembered the biscuits I had bought for no particular reason at the grocery store. I already had a salad in the fridge, so I was ready to go.

I picked up the kids and when the inevitable question was voiced from the backseat, I was prepared.
"Mommy, what's for dinner?"
"Well, I was going to have ham and macaroni and chee-" I started.
"EWWWWWW!! That's discusting!" I HATE macaroni and -"
"BUT," I yelled, "I decided to make biscuits instead."
"But I don't li-i-i-i-ke biscuits!"
"Benjamin, what are biscuits?" I calmly asked.
"I don't know!"
"OK, well, I think you would like them, but if you don't think so, I'll just make mini-breads instead. Is that okay?"
I should also note that while writing this my friend reminded me that for my birthday dinner Benjamin got mad because the restaurant was out of chicken strips and they only had nuggets. "I DON'T LIKE NUGGETS!" The saintly (well tipped) waitress went along with me to tell Benjamin that his "chicken strips" were cut into smaller pieces to help him eat them. And he ate them just fine!

Color me confused! 

Just like last Friday: the day to test every last bit of my patience.

I was in the kitchen filling the dishwasher, when Henry ran in crying.
"Mommy, Benjamin has my alligator and he won't give it back!"
"Ok, give me a minute and I'll see what we can do."

I'll skip the negotiating that went back and forth here, but suffice it to say that 15 minutes later Henry had his alligator back. And seeing as I was done filling the dishwasher, I sat down on the couch and both boys joined me.

Henry had the alligator in his hands. We were watching cartoons. Henry casually rolls the alligator out of his hand into Benjamin's lap and says "here." Let me take a moment to state that these FACTS are not in dispute! Both boys agree that this is exactly how the next fight started.

The show ended and I got up to take a shower. Five minutes later, Henry stormed in and screamed because Ben wouldn't give him his alligator back. I feel like I'm having déjà vu, only this time I'm soaking wet! I tried to talk to him during my shower, but that didn't really get me anywhere. After I got out of the shower I spent another 30 minutes trying to figure out why he had given his brother the alligator again. ("It was a joke!") I let it go, mostly as a lesson to learn about living with the consequences of your actions, but also because I was tired of refereeing. Eventually Benjamin gave back the alligator (right about the time Henry stopped caring about it.)

Sometimes this motherhood thing is just too much for me.

I can't tell stories about the boys without telling on Frances too.
Did you see this picture of her last week for Wacky Hair day at school?

A photo posted by Rabia Lieber (@mamarabia) on

It wasn't terribly difficult. I like fixing hair. On a normal day, however, Frances runs screaming if she sees me pick up a brush. If it's Wacky Hair Day though, all bets are off. For this style, I had to comb her hair, part it in two places and braid it while she draped herself over the side of the couch upside down. I braided three French braids up the back of her head and then used bobby pins to curl them up, cross them and pin them into place. When that was all done, I sprayed the heck out of it with pink and blue hair paint. Guess how much she protested all these machinations? NOT AT ALL!

And there you have it! The reason why I, as a mother, am perpetually confused!


  1. Yup, you summed it up perfectly! Seriously, sometimes I wonder if my kids are in a conspiracy to just drive me absolutely crazy!!

  2. I think kids have secret meetings. I don't know when or where ... but I think Janine is right, Rabia. It's a conspiracy to drive Moms crazy. I have to believe they deliberately plan and scheme - because my adult brain can find no other way to fathom how they all manage to succeed at it so well. :) Great post! I loved it and greatly enjoyed it!

  3. I'm pretty sure they are, Janine! They all are!

  4. Maybe in the middle of the night when we think they're sleeping? That might explain all the grouchiness!!

  5. It is funny how kids don't like something when you call it one name but just changing the name makes it all good!! I would be a basket case if I had to do hair - wacky or normal!!!

  6. This. Is. Hilarious. and I can't wait! :D

  7. Melissa Hunter-KilmerMarch 25, 2015 at 3:47 PM

    Ah, yes, renaming foods. You're good at that one, Rabia!

  8. I get ya! I really do! I'd like some mini breads for dinner, though.

  9. I think all moms are perpetually confused by the weird things our kids do!!! :-) Glad to have proof that it's not just me.

    On another note - it is really uncanny how much our minds think alike sometimes. I had about 4 ideas in my head for today's post - all with the word confused. One was using the song from way back when called "Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm" and listing a whole bunch of stuff kids do that confuses parents. I was kind of worried that it was too much like the Mysteries post I did recently and, when I actually watched the video of the song on Youtube, I remembered ALL the words and, let's just say, they have absolutely nothing to do with motherhood! :-) So, I went a different direction, but I was this close!

  10. You just can't make up the weird things our kids do! It's like the never ending supply of blogging material I tell you! Great job on the wacky hair mom :)

  11. Haha sometimes they just want to complain, right? I love that hairdo by the way!

  12. Hi Rabia, this is one of the things I like about blogging; the fact that us Mums get to realise that we aren't the only ones...Sharing stories like this help to keep us sane (choke, cough)...

    We've always got to be one step ahead (or at least try to be). My two weren't keen on brussel sprouts when they were younger...So they became baby cabbages; problem solved!

    It's also comforting to know that I'm not the only Mum who has to cook dinner, but wasn't organized enough to take anything out of the freezer. Beans on toast anyone?

    Frances hair looks fab, like a crown of hair!

  13. Yep sounds about right. I finally put the rule in place that neither child should enter the other childs bedroom. This was years ago, now at 17 and 12 I thought that was the case, until I saw the 12 y/o with a piece of clothing of the 17 y/os. I casually asked where she got it from. She said, Oh I wait until she goes to school, go to her room grab it and wear it. Then I get home before her and take it off and put it in the laundry. Mum Haven't you wondered why there are so many clothes for her and not many for me!!!! I looked at her and said "Child you are playing with fire." Sure enough several days later, the 12 y/o did it again, and the 17 y/o came home early, YEP..... Someone was busted, yet the 17 y/o has matured, and just said "Next time ask, instead of being sneaky...."

    WOW!!!! Mind blown!!!!


  14. Love the crazy hairstyle. I was like that too -- my mom used to try and braid my hair -- I'd tear it out for whatever reason.

    {Thanks for sharing at #SmallVictoriesSundayLinkup - hope you join us again next week!}

  15. I need to remember to re-name a bunch of food items in my house and see if that helps!

  16. Thanks, Melissa! Although it sounds as if your clan has come up with some good ones too!

  17. Mini-breads are awesome! No matter what you call them!

  18. LOL! We should list winning lottery ticket numbers together at some point and see if we have any luck there!

  19. They provide constant fodder for blog posts and facebook rants!

  20. They love to complain!! Drives me nuts!

  21. Blogging has definitely opened my eyes and made me feel less crazy! Parenting is hard work and knowing other people are dealing with similar issues (and surviving) helps tremendously!

  22. LOL!! All three of mine share a room! That causes some real boundary issues!

  23. Frances used to let me fix her hair all the time! I did all kinds of crazy criss-crosses and woven styles. Now she won't even let me touch it!

  24. Duct tape on the floor in their room showing each of their spaces..... Just a thought :)


    Otherwise good luck mate!!!!

  25. Lol! It's a 10x10 room. Our basic rule is that bedrooms are generally for sleeping. They don't spend much time in there otherwise!


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