Friday, February 13, 2015

Five Minute Friday: When

Five minutes on when: 


I've been feeling out of sync lately. 

I'm tired when everyone else wants to do something, but I'm wide awake when everyone else is sleeping.

I'm broke when it's time to pay the bills, and then money comes in when there is nothing due immediately.

I'm hungry when it's not mealtime and when I sit down to dinner I don't feel like eating.

I feel like I'm just on a different page from everyone else around me. 

Do you every feel that way? Like you're just a step behind the people you're interacting with?

It's like trying to dance a waltz when your partner is doing the jive.

It's like making a five course dinner and realizing that it's breakfast time.

It's like renting a video when everyone wants to play board games.

I wrote earlier in the week about wanting an owner's manual for my kids, but the reality is that I'm out of  sync with everyone right now: my kids, my husband, my friends, my job.

I feel like the square peg that's supposed to go in a round hole.

And I told someone that's just how February is for me. Somehow the whole month just seems off. And it takes for ever. The days go so slowly and time doesn't seem to pass for hours at a time.

I'm going to call it The Februarys and just be thankful when March gets here. 


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  1. Hi! I feel the same way but in a different way, lol! But yip I hear you! I am your neighbor at FMF today! Many blessings Aliyah from

  2. Rabia, I couldn't have said it better myself and I am so not a fan of February at all. Each year as the month creeps up and then during it, I am just off and like you wish I could fast forward to March already, as well. Here is hoping February is over quicker then we know and March brings better times for us all!

  3. My husband is always that way in February too!

    So, I used to listen to a song called the pieces fit, and it says "square peg in a round hole". That link is to a youtube recording of the song.
    Thanks for sharing! (Friend from FMF link up)
    Praying that you will find that you fit perfectly in God's hands, not only in February but always, and that you will find His peace. :)

  5. If it weren't for my husband's birthday and Valentine's Day, I'd say we could skip February altogether!

  6. I wonder if there's something to it?

  7. Thanks, Tammy! I think we all feel that way if different circumstances. It just seems to last the month of February for me!

  8. Karen @ BakingInATornadoFebruary 13, 2015 at 2:53 PM

    I think February is that way for a lot of us, I know it is for me. But I just keep telling myself that a month like this just makes March all the sweeter.

  9. I like that - The Februarys!!!
    Lately I've been especially that way with meal times - tonight was left-over night (and Jordan was gone) so I opted for popcorn because I wasn't really hungry!!!

  10. Oh yes! February is blah. I only get excited about it when there is discounted chocolate.

  11. I've heard this happens a lot in February because of the weird and drab weather most people have. When I feel out of sync, it's usually when things don't go as they normally do, or that something throws me off. Hopefully you get through the rest of February okay Rabia! We've got halfway more to go :)

  12. I do know how you feel and have felt this way before! But not in February...because it's my birthday month. ;) January is more like your February for me.

  13. All the time! I love your graphic. It's like the morning I made fancy waffles and the kids complained and yet the next night for dinner complained when I made a nice meal saying that they wanted waffles.....

  14. THIS: "I'm tired when everyone else wants to do something, but I'm wide awake when everyone else is sleeping."

    I am a first time mom to a 3.5 month old girl and she's getting really good at sleeping. I'm happy for her. But I can't seem to sleep myself! So I end up sleeping 9 or 10 til 1 or 2 am and then I'm up for the day. Oh well, at least I get a lot done.

    Although I'm sure my husband could do without coming downstairs at 7 and finding me SUPER awake (he's not a morning person), chirping hello, handing him coffee, and then bouncing away to go fold laundry or something.

  15. I actually have felt very out of touch lately. I was going to write a post about it but I felt too out of touch to even do that!
    I hope this case of the February Blahs passes soon.

  16. March is my favorite because that's my birthday month. Maybe that's another reason February is hard!

  17. I've done popcorn for dinner many times!! Or else a yogurt or bowl of cereal!

  18. I didn't get any chocolate at all for Valentine's Day! That's not right!

  19. I think the weather is a huge part of it! The kids have been out of school all week so far and my husband and I are juggling days off from work or taking them in with us!

  20. I can't wait for March and my birthday!!

  21. Ugh! Kids keep you on your toes, don't they!

  22. Well as long as you aren't tired...There are mornings when I wake up at 4 am ready to go, but I don't usually get much done!

  23. Me too! Everything seems off. And then we have all these snow days and I can't get my work rhythm back either!


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