Tuesday, December 16, 2014

#TuesdayTen: All I Want For Christmas

All I want for Christmas is a clean house and peace in the world. Oh wait!?! That's my mom's Christmas list every year! Now, I honestly wouldn't mind those things for Christmas, but I have people asking, and a linkup to host, so I've got to put a little more thought into it than that! I decided that I'm going to split the list into 5 realistic things I'd like for Christmas and 5 fantasy gift items. And I already got a pretty awesome gift over the weekend. Check here if you missed that announcement!

5 Things that are really on my gift list

  1. New dishes--We've only got eight left in the set that we use every day. Unless you count the two plastic plates we sometimes use. That means I can only get through two meals without having to wash dishes. Some weeks that's okay because we only use the plates for dinner, but then some weeks the kids want waffles or pancakes for breakfast and I have a nice lunch, and then we don't have enough dishes for dinner.
  2. A new sewing machine--Last time I used mine it made a funny, metal grinding sound. That's the reason it was the last time I used it! I am borrowing a friend's right now so I can make some Christmas presents, but I'm hoping for a new one under the tree.
  3. A new pot--We have one 5 quart pot, which is usually enough. Until I want to make spaghetti. I've been boiling noodles in my large frying pan, but it's a bit complicated and I usually spill water doing it that way.
  4. New bras and camis--TMI? Sorry! I have a number of bras that don't fit well anymore and need to be replaced. Also, I wear a cami almost every day, but I don't have enough fun colors!
  5. A fire pit--We got our back porch rebuilt this past summer and now I'd love even more of an excuse to use our backyard. It tends to be pretty buggy back there, so a fire pit would hopefully keep the bugs away and it would be a great place to hang out 3/4 of the year.
Now to enter a fantasy realm!! These are the things I'd put on my list if money were no object and reality were...much less real!

5 Things on my fantasy gift list

  1. Someone to come organize my house. I've got so much stuff to go through, but every time I start I get overwhelmed and give up. I'd love to get the basement in order so we can get the upstairs taken care of so we can...
  2. A second bathroom. My first choice would be a whole new house, but barring that, I'd love to have an additional bathroom so we can stop making the kids take a number!
  3. My bills paid off. Seriously, I would be so much less stressed if I could just not worry about credit cards and day care bills every week. We're making dents, but they are tiny dents and I'd rather just be done with it!
  4. A new truck for Ken. I know this is my list, but giving Ken a new truck would be so wonderful for me! He can't take all three kids anywhere because he's only got two seats and a jump seat. We can't switch vehicles because his truck is...shall we say "quirky."
  5. Peace in the world. Not only would it make my mom happy, but it would make the whole world happy. Wouldn't that be wonderful??
What's on your Christmas list? Do you have a fantasy list or a realistic list (or both)? Tell me in the comments or link up you own post using the hashtag #TuesdayTen!

Note: #TuesdayTen is taking a break for the holidays, but make sure you come back in the New Year for more great lists AND our one year birthday giveaway! We've got ten gift cards to give away to one lucky winner! It could be you!


  1. I hear you on the dishes....it's almost time for a new set over here, too. I hope Santa brings you some new unmentionables!!!! That's always fun! Have a Merry Christmas and thanks for hosting #TuesdayTen. It's a lot of fun!

  2. I love that you have both real and fantasy gifts. And I am with you on getting someone to organize the house, too ;)

  3. Great list! I had a hard time with this one and I'm not sure why - thought it would be easy. I would love a fire pit, too, and I actually got new dishes last Christmas. :-)

  4. Thanks Jill! My mom read this post and then asked me about my sizes, so Santa might be getting some help! ;)

  5. I couldn't think of enough to fill a whole list with real requests, but a clean and organized basement would really make my day!

  6. We had previously thought that fire pits weren't allowed where we live, but I looked it up and we're in the clear!

  7. Awesome list, Rabia! You totally deserve everything on your list! Your fantasy list is great too! I am totally with you on the whole new house thing. I need a house of my own!

  8. Great list Rabia! I have 2 big pots and you really do need 2. My husband asked me what I wanted last week and I told him new bras. He said I was on my own there :)

  9. Great list! I totally copied you, but I figured you wouldn't mind. I hope you get a new pot and new dishes to make dinner time a bit easier for you. Merry Christmas!

  10. The money pit just grows sometimes.. even with the dents taken out. Argh!
    I wear camis every day too! I love them. I like long ones from Old Navy. The best.
    And our dishes are ok.. but we've nearly lost all the juice glasses we got for our wedding!

  11. If we lived closer I would come organize for you - I love doing that kind of thing!!! I hate spending money on bras - they are so expensive for something that no one ever sees!!!

  12. Oh gosh, bills paid off and peace in the world are awesome! I'd love that too! :)

  13. Well, I didn't get everything; but I got some great gifts this year! I hope you had a great Christmas yourself!

  14. LOL! My hubby bought me camis, but I don't think he's brave enough to buy bras!

  15. Thanks Tia! I got half the dishes I wanted, but not pots. I guess I'm on my own for a few things!

  16. I'll have to check Old Navy! I got a few for Christmas that I like, but you can never have too many, right?!

  17. If I had the money, I'd pay you to come do it!


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