Friday, December 12, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Prepare


I saw the prompt, and I started to freak out a bit.


It reminded me that I've got so much left to do! Sewing and painting and wrapping. And the shopping I can't do until I get paid on Monday. Not to mention all the housework that needs to be done. My kids can't even find clean underwear in the morning because I'm so behind on laundry!

And then I took a deep breath and reminded myself about why the prompt is prepare. Those other things up there? They don't really matter in the scheme of things. If that's all I'm worried about this time of year, then I'm doing it wrong. It's not about all those external preparations.

It's inside. I need more work on getting my heart and my head ready. The thing to prepare is me.

We were all angry and yelling this morning. I honestly don't understand how the kids can't get the routine down when we've been doing it five days a week for five months! It stresses me out and makes me angry. I don't like starting my day like that.

And I almost skipped our prayer time. But we didn't. And to be frank, I felt like an asshole starting out prayer with a clench in my jaw because of all the behavior issues this morning. And then we read about Mary. That Mary understands. That she hears her people and reaches out to them where they are. That she appeared to Juan Diego is the guise of a Native Mexican woman; in a language he could understand.

And then I drove the kids to school and Your Grace is Enough came on the radio. And I'm reminded that no matter what God will always be there to help me prepare my heart for Him. He meets me where I am and gently pulls me back to where I need to be.

So I'm letting go of the harsh words from this morning. I'm starting over (again) and I'm going to concentrate on readying the things the really need to be prepared. All the rest will fall into place exactly as it should be. If only I will prepare my heart. And theirs.

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  1. Mornings are always rough here and felt your pain reading this, as this time of the year I even more stressed, but I do hope and pray that I can be better prepared myself, too. So, thanks you for the reminder on this, Rabia today.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Such Truth. I love this: "He meets me right where I am and gently pulls me back to where I need to be". I am so grateful that I stopped by because I am leaving encouraged.

  3. Great post Rabia! I think Moms everywhere are feeling just like you do right now. Sometimes it seems to be our norm as well for prayers, but I make them do it anyway.

  4. It can be so stressful! There are plenty of times where I start conversations or answer my kids through clenched teeth and then something reminds me to calm down. It will all work out somehow.

  5. Mornings are not my thing, but I keep wondering why they haven't gotten even a little easier. The kids are all capable of getting up at the butt crack of dawn on the weekends, but school days? No way! And they *like* school!

  6. Thank you for that. It is encouraging to me that you feel that way. I am trying to keep working on my perspective, even in the midst of challenging events.

  7. Yesterday I "prayed away some anger" with one of mine and it seemed to work. For both of us! Deep breaths are what get me through the day!

  8. I have to constantly remind them that they are learning from ALL my actions, not just the ones I want them to.

  9. The Dose of RealityDecember 14, 2014 at 5:49 PM

    Beautiful. And exactly what I needed to read today as I sit here feeling totally unprepared, but yet realizing in all the ways that matter I actually am 100% ready. Thank you.-Ashley

  10. I've had some a-hole times lately. And feeling unprepared.
    Somewhere along the line this year, I realized we were doing just fine. It doesn't have to be jam packing every single day with so much fun. Scarlet went to see The Nutcracker today and I nearly took her to a Christmas outdoor celebration at night.
    No way.

  11. So much self-inflicted stress!! Argh!

  12. I've had to pull back too. Plus, the kids' behavior was getting out of control and I think they were over-stimulated. I made them miss a Christmas party yesterday, but they were angels this morning!


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