Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Recap

I think every time I set out to buckle down and get motivated, I get sidetracked with an illness. I've been battling a bad cough and allergy symptoms since the beginning of the month. While they haven't really been bad enough to derail me during the day, I was having major coughing episodes at night that kept me from sleeping well. The lack of sleep was making it hard to stay up much past when the kids went to sleep and so there hasn't been a lot of work getting down around the house.

Regardless of those issues, though, I was determined to do nothing at all on Saturday. Ken was going out hunting and there were no soccer games. On top of that, the weather was supposed to be nasty. I read in bed until about 10 at which point I moved to the couch to read. The kids watched a lot of TV, but they've been feeling cranky and tired too, so I figured it was fine for them to kick back and relax for the weekend too.

I had two blogging review items to introduce to them, so we did that. For my part, though, it really only involved scooting from the couch to the floor in front of the couch. Sometimes a change of scenery is good for you!

The kids got their own breakfast, lunch consisted of sandwiches, and dinner ended up being baked spaghetti. Here's the recipe: take the leftover spaghetti in the fridge. Dump it into a casserole dish and put cheese on top. Stick it in the oven for 30 minutes, until the cheese melts.

All in all, when I checked my pedometer that evening, I was quite proud to discover that I had only moved 313 steps!  Success!! At being lazy, that is. Strangely enough, 3-13 is my birthday, so I took that as a sign to continue what I was doing. I ended the day with a grand total of 431 steps.

Sunday was a much different day. We had church and I was teaching Sunday School. That part was fairly disastrous, as Benjamin was in a mood and wouldn't listen. I ended up having to send him to the nursery so I could try to teach the other students.

Henry really wanted to wear a tie to Mass.
After church we had our regular trip to the grocery store, lunch, and more free time. I did some dishes, some laundry, and some more reading. I was able to finish two books this weekend. Both of which I enjoyed and both of which are free for Kindle! The Measure of Katie Calloway is the post-Civil War story of a woman who escapes her abusive husband by signing on as the cook for a logging crew. I really enjoyed this one! I was also impressed with the fact that it was a stand-alone book. Many of the free books I pick up tend to be half a story that forces you to buy the rest of the series if you want to find out what happens. Sixty Acres and a Bride was also enjoyable, but I did get a little annoyed with the main characters for being stupid occasionally (this tends to be par for the course in a romance novel). {Both of those are affiliate links.}

The kids were playing dress up and generally getting along for the first time in a long time. But then I heard banging and yelling, so I went to investigate. The banging was confusing because the bathroom door and both bedroom doors were wide open. Then I stepped into the kids' room to discover the closet shut and the door rattling. "Let me out! I'm stuck!!" I head Benjamin yelling. So I opened the door to find Benjamin standing in the closet wearing a pirate hat and carrying a sword; otherwise completely naked! I didn't ask any questions, I had to leave the room to go laugh. He was completely fine, just annoyed that he couldn't turn the handle.

We had an early dinner and the kids were playing nicely together when Ken came home from his hunting trip. I was going to pretend that they'd been that way all weekend, but he wouldn't have believed me anyway!

It was a completely boring weekend, with not much accomplished. I do have my voice almost completely back, though and I slept well both nights. 

Was your weekend more exciting than mine?


  1. Was my weekend more exciting? If you consider Saturday morning hearing Emma screaming form the other room as I changed my shirt exciting not sure. But yes I ran in to find her holding her nose bleeding. She apparently tripped and fell forward playing. We thought she broke her nose and I took her to urgent care. Thankfully she didn't, but got to be honest never truly dull weekend or not around these parts. God help me! Glad yours was a bit less eventful and wish I could so say the same now! ;)

  2. Our weekend was full of resting and nesting. We were SO SLOW and took life nice and EASY. It was just what we needed!

  3. My weekend was....well, my daughter was being a tad difficult. So I was all ready for them to go to school today. But then we got a snow day. Blah!

  4. Don't you love when kids won't cooperate on our plans! He does look awfully cute though in his tie and flannel shirt :)

  5. Hahahaha @ the naked pirate! I am also very proud of your laziness!

  6. The Dose of RealityNovember 17, 2014 at 5:12 PM

    I can't even help but laugh (although it blows that you weren't feeling well), but honestly the highlight of my life is a weekend of 313 is pretty much ALWAYS my goal! Baked spaghetti sounds yummy! Crying with laughter at the naked pirate!-Ashley

  7. I think my weekend was exciting! I drove both kids to New Jersey alone and Des yelled his way through a baptism.
    Fun times!
    The naked pirate story is spectacular.

  8. Oh wow! I'm glad she was okay! Sounds like you need a calm, boring weekend yourself! :)

  9. Those kinds of weekends are the best, NJ!

  10. Well, praise chocolate they're back in school today, right!?! :)

  11. Who told these kids to think for themselves, anyway!?! LOL!! He was so proud of his outfit, I didn't have the heart to make him change.

  12. I crack up every time I think of it!!

  13. All in all it was just exactly the weekend I needed. Especially the naked pirate! :)

  14. You're weekend sounds great! My kids are always yelling in church. Benjamin sings all the songs, the wrong times! How do you get made at a kid who won't stop singing "Glory to GOD!"


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