Friday, October 24, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Dare

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Five minutes on dare...


This is take four on a word that doesn't seem to speak to me. I think of the childhood game of "truth or dare" or Frances' D.A.R.E. (drug abuse resistance education) classes at school. She's got a book called "The Daring Girls' Book" full of ideas for how to decorate her bedroom or play with electricity to discover how it works.

None of those things seem particularly daring to me. What is daring? My mom leaving Alaska to move to Afghanistan with the Peace Corps. My dad leaving his childhood home to do the same. My friend Randi moving to a new state to work with a team of missionaries. Those are big daring things to me.

What do I dare to do? I don't know of anything particularly challenging. I wake up each morning and go to work. I drive kids around to ballet, soccer, and violin lessons. I teach 4 year olds in Sunday School. Maybe my life isn't meant to be daring. Or maybe I haven't gotten there yet.


  1. Oh, I think this is such a great topic for this week. A lot of reassurance that I am not alone is stepping out of my comfort zone to try and do new things. Great post :) Visiting from (FMF)

  2. Wow to your parents and I admit probably not very daring here either though.

  3. I think teaching the 4 year olds is daring as is rising kids nowadays :) Wow for sure to your parents for moving to Afghanistan!

  4. We may haven't been there yet. Not something people will really say daring.. but maybe one day we will. And I'm actually looking forward to it! :)

  5. I might n to be there yet. Although I think daring can vary. Sometimes it's daring for me to just.. take Scarlet for school because it triggers bad flashbacks for me. Yet I do it every day. Not sure that's daring, though.
    My sister went ziplining in Mexico this week! That's daring.

  6. Thanks! It was a hard prompt for me, but I'm trying to be okay with leading a "boring" life!

  7. My mom was constantly after me to "get out more and see the world" before I got married. I didn't listen, but I don't regret it!

  8. LOL! Fours are quite a trip!!

  9. I'm okay with boring right now. The kids bring enough excitement for me!!

  10. Daring can be anything you do to get outside your comfort zone.


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