Tuesday, September 30, 2014

#TuesdayTen: There's No Such Thing as a Stupid Question!

Did you know that today is Ask a Stupid Question Day? Wait?! Is that a stupid question? I know I've heard over and over again that there's no such thing as a stupid question, but I don't completely believe that to be true! Last year, in honor of this holiday, I actually made a list of 10 stupid questions my kids ask me on a fairly regular basis.

This year, in honor of this holiday, typically celebrated on the last day of September, we thought it would be fun to answer some completely random questions. Lisa found a list of 100 questions and I asked my facebook followers to give me 10 random numbers. So here are my answers to the random questions selected for me by the internet!

#22: Would you ever consider living abroad?
I cannot think of any reason that I would ever be given the opportunity to live abroad, but if that somehow happened, I would definitely consider it for a short term. I love being near to my family and friends, but I think it can be so valuable to have different types of experiences, especially for the kids. My parents actually met abroad (in Afghanistan) and spent time overseas, both before and after marriage.
My parents, circa 1966/67

#36: Do you really know all the words to your National Anthem?
I sure as heck better! My high school choir teacher would be pretty mad at me if I didn't remember them! We sang it at various football games and community events while I was in high school and I've sung it in the crowd at many events since then. I even try to throw in a little alto harmony every once in a while.

#11: When did you last laugh?
My last belly laughing incident was Saturday night. The boys  were in the bathtub playing and having a good time. One of them would say something and then they would both crack up. I was smiling just listening to all the fun they were having and then...
Ben: <softly> Bubby! I just peed in the bathtub!
Henry: <shouting> MOMMY! I'm ready to get out now!!

I had tears in my eyes by the time I got to the bathroom!!

#55: Have you ever had to wear a uniform to school?
I have never attended a school that required a uniform. However, in middle school and high school I was so cool that I wore jeans, a turtle neck, and a knit sweater every day in the cool weather and jean shorts and a t-shirt every day in the warmer months. It was pretty much my own personal uniform.

#83: What are your best characteristics?
I am a nice person. I am generous with my time and talents (I don't have much money to be generous with). I am friendly and tend to get along with most people. 

#9: Did you dream last night?
We cleaned the garage out completely yesterday (Sunday), so as I write this on Monday, I can say with confidence that  I did not dream last night. I was too exhausted. I did sleep really well, though!

#28: Type of music you dislike the most?
I like most kinds of music. Or rather, I'll listen to most types. I don't particularly enjoy hip hop or death metal, but that's mostly the lyrics and subject matter and not the actual musical qualities.

#16: What is the last film you saw?
We got a BOGO Redbox two weeks ago and so I got one movie for the kids (I honestly don't recall the name of it) and I got Mom's Night Out for me. Ken and I watched it and thought it was a pretty good movie. 

#82: What are your best physical features?
Geez, I already had to say nice things about my personality, now I have to say nice things about my physical features?!  I'm stumped! (And I'm not fishing for compliment!) Ken thinks I have a nice butt! :)

#10: Do you remember your dreams?
I think I usually remember my dreams. Some more vividly than others, obviously. I have a few recurring dreams that I remember better than the one hit wonders.  I frequently have a dream about wandering through an empty house and looking in the closets only to discover an entrance to a hidden room or area of the house.  Nothing especially interesting happens in that dream, but I wander endlessly through rooms. 

Bonus question: This came in after I had already started writing, but I'll answer it anyway!
#13: What is on the walls of the room you are in?
I'm at work right now, so in front of me the upper half of the wall is mainly windows and the bottom half is cabinets and drawers. To my right, there is nothing but a white wall and some more cabinets. Behind me is a window and some shelves, as well as a display of Duke Dog through the ages from a JMU Homecoming project a few years ago. To my left, there is a window to the next room, but the blinds are always down so I can't see through it.

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  1. I laughed too that Ben peed in the tub. I wish you had to look on Henry's face. LOL! You should look up that dream. There's an app for that ;-)

  2. I had to laugh at the bath tub incident, I can imagine the look on Henry's face! Good thing it wasn't something else!

  3. Yup, I am with the majority and couldn't help but laugh at the bathtub incident - only a mom would get this I think ;)

  4. Great #TuesdayTen! I love the picture of your parents! Isn't that interesting (and a little scary) - the guy standing behind them? The bathtub story, priceless! Some ladies from church watched Mom's Night Out at the theater. We loved it! I think the funniest parts were laughing at our pastor's wife as she was laughing so hard at the preacher's wife in jail scenes.

  5. I love your answers! I also love your new header! I hope it's new, and that it hasn't been THAT long since I've read your blog! ;)

  6. I almost snuck over to the bathroom to record their giggling, but I still couldn't have gotten video. I do wish I had seen his initial reaction, though!!

  7. The "something else" if hopefully a thing of baths past at our house. We did have that problem frequently when the kids were younger, but I usually didn't bathe them together then.

  8. We used to call it "poop soup" at our house when that happened! LOL

  9. I meant to ask if they knew who that was behind them, but I'm not sure they'd remember.
    Mom's Night Out was funny, and I admire that it was a good movie without sex and cursing.

  10. You're fine, Ginny! I just changed it Thursday! LOL! Thanks for noticing. :)

  11. Such a fun Tuesday Ten, Rabia. :D I loved your answers and love your new blog layout. And now that I know about Ask A Stupid Question day and have answered the stupid questions in my post, I think I'll spend the rest of my day thinking up stupid questions to ask. Shouldn't be too hard for me. :)

  12. This one was fun!I love how you chose which questions to answer and find it hilarious that we still ended up answering some of the same ones!

  13. Ah, boys in the tub are never boring. :)
    Nice work cleaning out the garage! I always sleep better when I've done some serious manual labor that involves getting something organized. Good for the body and the spirit.
    I laughed at your intro. I, too, addressed the no stupid questions myth. Your list of stupid questions last year was hilarious!

  14. I would love to have a sweet juicy booty, but it's just not in my jeans. Let no stupid question remain unanswered today!

  15. I'm good enough, I'm smart enough...ba ha ha. I LOVE that guy! And yep, you can definitely hear some funny stuff with little boys in the tub.

  16. I love the new blog layout! And I have to admit, I didn't think any of the above questions were dumb...some might be a little over-used, but I loved reading your answers anyway!

  17. Well, I'm glad I answered the tongue/nose one - you should have used that one and posted that picture! The boys in the bathtub - hilarious. And I love your new design!

  18. Hip Hop hurts my ears.

    And I like your new blog look!

  19. I think I'll be using this prompt for my Ask Away Friday, but giving credit of course! I couldn't get it together in time for today.
    The bathtub story is nearly having me in tears from laughter. And the nice butt comment cracked me up. Cassidy thinks the same of mine, but I don't post about it nearly enough, I guess!
    LOVE the photo of your parents!

  20. I hope you had fun thinking up stupid questions! Make sure to ask your husband and see how much he enjoys them! LOL

  21. We are kindred spirits, Lisa! I had a ton of fun with this topic, I'm glad you suggested it!

  22. Boys in the tub are never boring and the bathroom is never dry when they're done!!

  23. I am surrounded by stupid questions on a fairly regular basis!!

  24. That guy pops into my head every time I have to say something nice about myself!!

  25. I don't think these questions were dumb, so much as random. Either way, they were fun to answer!

  26. Thanks Dana! I have other pictures of my tongue-to-nose touching abilities on here somewhere. I just made that one special for you!!

  27. I should also have mentioned that while I don't hate Latin music, I hear so much of the beat in my neighborhood that it really starts to grate on my nerves!

  28. Ken would probably not appreciate that I wrote that publicly, but I needed to come up with something nice to say about myself!
    I can't wait to see your AAF using these questions. I've missed participating, but I just haven't made the effort to pair up with someone in a while. I'll be back at some point. Promise!


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