Tuesday, September 23, 2014

#TuesdayTen: The Dinner Party I'd Love to Plan

I have been in a reminisce-y mood lately.  I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe it's the change of the seasons or the beginning of another school year. All I know is that this week's #TuesdayTen topic is really hard for me to write down.  The prompt is: Name ten people living or dead, real or fictional that you would invite to a dinner party.  But there are SO MANY people I'd love to sit down and chat with! And so many people I'd love to be able to put together. Maybe I should just plan 10 fictional dinner parties! That sounds like a plan. It also sounds like a whole lot of cheating too.

So here's what I'd really do. I'd invite my grandparents on both sides and Ken's mom; all of whom have passed on. Then I'd invite my parents and brothers and sister in law, my kids and Ken as well as Ken's dad, Ken's brother and sister in law with my niece, and Ken's sister and brother-in-law.  I'll pretend I can't count and we'd all be able to sit down together and visit!

And just so I can stick with a theme of "ten," here are the ten things we'd get to do!

  1. Fishing stories from Grandpa Davies
  2. Quilting lesson from Grandma Davies
  3. Cooking lesson from Grandma Brainard
  4. Gardening lesson from Grandpa Brainard
  5. Let Grams (Ken's mom) meet Benjamin since she never got to
  6. Ask Ken's mom if he was really as well behaved as a kid as he tries to tell me he was
  7. Eat a home-cooked meal together
  8. Watch the kids play
  9. Lots of hugs and snuggles
  10. Tons of pictures of our fictional get together, so we can look back on them always and reminisce.
And now I need to go have a good cleansing cry.  How about you?  Who would you invite to your dinner party? Link up your own list, using the #TuesdayTen hashtag or comment below.

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