Friday, September 12, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Ready

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Five minutes on ready...


We are well into the school year routine. We've got the timing down for getting up and getting out of the house. I've got the after-school schedule implanted in my brain so I know who needs to be where on which days at what times. Frances even remembered her violin without me saying anything this week!  I feel like we are ready to go!

But then again, things don't always work they way they're supposed to. Like this morning, when I woke up but didn't want to get out of bed. When a good conversation with Ken put us behind for the morning. When Frances dawdled so much that I told her she would have to skip her shower if she was going to be ready on time.

We think we have all the plans. We think we've got stuff worked out. We've got the calendar filled up. That alarm set. The bags packed. We think we're ready. But are we?

In light of yesterday's remembrance, I have yet again been reminded that we can't always be ready for everything. Ultimately, the ins and outs of our days aren't up to us.  For some people that is a very disconcerting feeling. It makes people feel lost, alone, and anxious.

For me, I know that there is a Master Plan. A plan created by the Master. He who knows all the ins and outs and how they all work together.  Even if I don't know what is going to happen tomorrow, I do know that He has great plans for me.  They might be plans that I don't understand or don't know about ahead of time, but regardless they are His plans. They are plans for my good and the good of all who love him.  And that makes me feel ready for anything!

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