Friday, September 19, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Hold

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Five minutes on hold...


"Gimme a kiss!" I said as I dropped him off at daycare this morning.
 His sweet little arms tightened around my neck and squeezed.
"That's not a kiss, you turkey!! Gimme a kiss," I laughed.

"No!" He giggled and turned his head away from me.

"Gimme a kiss, or I'm gonna dro-o-o-o-p you!" I sing-songed.

And he giggled and turned away again. So I let my hands go from his little bum and let him drop a millisecond before catching him again. He giggled and dared me to do it again.  So I did. And he laughed again.

I've told him many, many times before that I'm going to drop him. He knows I won't. He likes the game and so do I. I like that I get some silly giggles with him before I go to work for the day.  I like that he knows I would never actually drop him.

I got back in the car and drove Frances to school.  We had some silly little conversation like we always do.  Somehow it came around to love. I told her I didn't like her.  She laughed.

"No, Mommy! You love me!"  

I love that she knows it deep down in her heart. I love that she feels it so easily and readily.  I hope that she will always hold that feeling deep down in her heart. Especially as the tween and teen years approach and our relationship changes.

I love that my kids feel secure in our family.  Even when we get mad, or yell, my kids know they are loved beyond a doubt.  I hope that all three of them know that I will always hold them in my heart, even when they are too big to hold in my arms.

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