Monday, August 18, 2014

The Last Hurrah!

Frances and Henry start school tomorrow. That makes today "The Last Hurrah!" Since they typically start school on a Tuesday, I take the day off on Monday to spend the day with them and have our last bit of fun before routines, homework, soccer, ballet, and violin take over our schedule.


We don't have exact plans, but hopefully a park and a bike ride will be involved. They really want to go to the pool, but since they've both been sick and are still on antibiotics, I don't think that's a good idea. I also realized that this is the last "last hurrah" with just the two of them because next year Benjamin will be going to Kindergarten!


Even as we are contemplating our last adventure of the summer, I am thinking of the year ahead. This year I will have three kids in three schools. Frances is especially worried about starting middle school. We've visited her classes met her teachers, figured out the locker, and turned in the school supplies. She is still nervous.


As I think back, I remember that she's always nervous before school starts. She loves school and she's always loved her teachers, but moving on to the next grade is intimidating to her. She's worried that it's going to be harder than the year before. And of course it is. What's the point of moving on if the challenge doesn't increase? I explain to her every year that things are harder because she's smarter and she's ready for more.


Henry and Benjamin are both excited for the upcoming year. Benjamin because he is being reunited with his best friend in his new classroom. That's all he's talked about for the past few weeks. Forget about the cool new classroom with the pet frogs and the comfy couches! He can't wait to see S again!


Henry isn't in class with any of his best friends, but he knows many of the kids and he's still excited to go back. Second grade was my favorite, mainly because that's what I taught, but the stuff they cover this year is fun regardless: Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, reading fluency, fun math, weather, etc. Those are all things Henry will love and he's excited to learn them.


Whether your kids are nervous about the upcoming year, or ready and raring to go, I hope they have a wonderful year with lots of fun, lots of learning, and lots of growth! Happy Last Hurrah Day!!


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