Monday, August 11, 2014

Random Thoughts While School Supply Shopping

It's the last week of summer vacation! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!
It's the last week of summer vacation! YIPPEEEEEEEEE!

I can't totally decide which.  On the one hand, I've enjoyed having more time with the kids and not dealing with things like homework, conferences, homework, PTA meetings, and homework.  On the other hand, the kids and I are craving a little bit more structure than we've had the past 8 weeks.  I think we're all ready to get back into the swing of things. And we all need a break from each other!

Last week I took my kids back to school shopping. It's always a little bit crazy when we try to get that accomplished, but it was tax free weekend, so I figured I should mark it of my list.  Back to school shopping is it's own special kind of crazy, though, isn't it!

These are my random observances (in no particular order):

1. It's tax free weekend, but how much tax do you actually save? The notebooks and pencils I bought cost less than a dollar anyway. I'm not saving massive amounts on the taxes, but I'm stickin' it to the man, right!  So that counts for something! Never mind that tax free weekend brings out all the crazies at the same time!

2. Why are the lists both minutely specific and considerably vague?  One item on the list tells me the exact size and brand of notebook to buy. I was very worried they wouldn't have that one, but luckily the list had a picture!!  Further down, on the same list it says "2 boxes of pencils."  How many per box? Pre-sharpened or not?? Can they be fun pencils or do they have to be boring yellow ones?? I want to know!!

3. Why am I buying new marble notebooks when they only used 12 pages out of the one from last year? Can't I just use some fun duct tape to tape those pages to the cover and finish using the rest of the notebook?  Are my kids supposed to be using the whole notebook? Is there a Pinterest project about filling up the rest of the pages??

4. So many tissues!!  Can't I just teach my kids to use handkerchiefs? I've already got a ton of laundry anyway and those don't take up much space. It's not like I'm going to iron them!!

5. Speaking of massive numbers of items...what are the kids doing with all 36 glue sticks??  Are they using them as chapstick?  Eating them for snack?  Leaving trails of them behind in the hallways so they can find their way back to class?  Seriously! Is it just me or is that a lot of glue sticks?

6. What is with all the clothes shopping? Do kids suddenly have well timed growth spurts right at the end of summer? I've never had a reason to buy my kids all new wardrobes while back to school shopping, but from the looks of all the other shopping carts, I'm in the minority.  What did these kids wear last week that is suddenly not going to work for school? I understand catching things on sale, but how many pairs of jeans does one kid really need??

When do your kids start back to school?  Do you have any of the same questions while back to school shopping?

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