Monday, August 25, 2014

My Weekend By The Numbers

It's Monday and it's a crazy day! The students come back and I have training all day for the next week.  Which is worse: being the trainer or the trainee? This week I'm the trainer and it drains my brain!

Here's a quick way to sum up our weekend without getting too wordy:

Number of things I wanted to do on Saturday: 0
Number of things we ended up doing: 4
Number of times my son told me that I needed to do laundry because he didn't have clean shorts: 4
Number of times I actually did laundry: 0
Number of times my youngest asked me to mow the grass because he couldn't play golf (he's 4 by the way!): 3
Number of times I mowed the grass: 0
Number of chores my children did over the weekend
               with no complaints: 0
               while whining: 2
Number of chores I did this weekend:
               with no complaints: 0
               while wining: 3
Approximate number of minutes Henry spent taking a shower: 45
Approximate number of times I worried about the water bill: 3
Number of times I told him to get out of the shower: 0  (What!?! He was quiet and happy! I left him alone!!)

How was your weekend!?

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