Tuesday, June 10, 2014

#TuesdayTen: Who Needs a Grocery List

First Lisa tricked me into cleaning out my shoulder bag, then I had to clean out my van and now she's trying to get me to clean out the fridge and pantry!! Well the jokes on her! No way is that happening! Especially after we just had the end of the school year marathon and Henry's birthday party.

Seriously, though, this week for #TuesdayTen we are getting real and delving into a very busy part of the house: the kitchen!! I feel like I spend a good portion of the time I'm at home in the kitchen. I prepare meals there, wash dishes, hide from the kids, etc.  The kitchen seems to be mostly my domain, even though Ken cooks dinner on a regular basis.  He has on occasion even organized the pantry "Sleeping with the Enemy" style, but I had to ask him to stop fronting the cans because it freaks me out!!

I have been working on getting things cleaned up a bit, but the kitchen just seems to be a never-ending uphill battle.  I'm gonna keep trying to baby steps though, and until then, here are ten things in my pantry (and refrigerator):

  1. Milk-I buy three gallons every week!  Want to know who drinks most of it?  Here are some clues: It's not me! And even though the kids have it on their cereal in the mornings and to drink with dinner, it's not really them either! It's Ken!! He drink so much milk I've considered buying a cow!
  2. Cereal-It's what's for breakfast! I offer different choices, but most of the time the kids request cereal. I let them each pick out a box at the grocery store on Saturdays. They are allowed to have two open at one time and sometimes they mix two together. With the way we currently store the cereal, only the two on the far right are available for consumption. When one gets empty, we open another one.
  3. Half-drunk drive thru drinks. I;m not sure who started it, but if they don't finish their drink, they put it in the fridge. They never actually go back to drink it (because it's flat and watered down) but I usually wait a day or two before I throw it away...just in case.
  4. "Old" fruits and veggies-I saw this on a "kitchen tips" site somewhere and immediately adopted the idea! The drawer on the left has the oldest fruits and veggies in it. Each week, after the grocery run, any fruits or veggies from the previous week go into this drawer.
  5. "New" fruits and veggies-Hopefully during the week, we end up emptying out the "old" drawer. Then we can start in on the "new" drawer, It helps me to remember to serve the oldest stuff first and we end up wasting much less stuff this way.
  6. Colby Jack cheese-I've tried ordering other cheeses at the deli, but Benjamin always fusses over me and orders "one pound of Bowby Jack!!!' and the nice ladies at the deli counter always listen to him.  My kids also get free cheese slices every week when we go shopping.
  7. Water bottles-It used to drive me crazy trying to figure out where to store the empty water bottles. Then, one day I had an epiphany! Just fill them up and keep them in the fridge! Now when the kids complain that they are thirsty, they know where to go to get something to drink.
    And when we head out for soccer games or picnics, we've always got cold water ready to go!
  8. The fridge also typically has an assortment of leftovers in it. Ken and I usually take those for lunch at work, so the selection is constantly varied.
  9. My pantry has an assortment of canned goods in it. I guess, looking at the picture I took, assortment isn't the correct word. More like "collection of Garbanzo beans, Mandarin oranges and Chunky soup! Maybe I could lay off of buying those for a few weeks!
  10. I didn't get a picture, but the other cabinet has noodles, rice and baking stuff in it. It's all just thrown in there in a pretty haphazard way. Maybe I should let Ken re-organize the cabinets!

How about you? What is in your pantry? Do you dare to take photos of your fridge?  Pictures of your pantry?  Link up your own post, or let me know in the comments.

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