Thursday, May 15, 2014

Seven Deadly Sins of Motherhood

So, I'm having some fun with the topic of motherhood this week. For some reason, this post popped into my head a long time ago and I just haven't been able to let it go.  Motherhood is a lot of things. There are joys and triumphs, there are mistakes and sadness.  I love being a mom, but it also makes me want to tear my hair out at times.

Lust--Be honest! This is likely what got you inducted into motherhood in the first place! On scale of 1 to 10, lust starts high and lessens throughout the beginning stages of motherhood.  Who's got time for that!?!  Beds are for sleeping, right??

Gluttony--Eating for two? Yes, but one of those two is less than 10 pounds!  Before they were born, I ate to nourish them and help them grown. Since they have arrived, I eat their food to avoid throwing it all in the trash after I dared to put something green on their plates!

Greed--Have you seen a list of must haves for baby these days?!  I'm pretty sure last I checked, kids need food, clothes, shelter, and love.  Beyond that is fine, but let's not let it get out of hand!  I'm guilty of it too. You should see my dining room. It's covered with toys! And the drawers Frances can't shut because of all the clothes.

Sloth--This is probably where I spend most of my time.  There's a fine line between tired and lazy and I'm too lazy to try and define it!  I call it "teaching responsibility" when I let Frances get snacks for her brothers, or pour cereal and milk for them on Saturday mornings.  Most of the time I'm just being lazy though.

Wrath--NEWSFLASH! I get mad at my kids.  Now technically, it doesn't often reach the level of "wrath" but it gets close sometimes!  Most of the anger stays in my head. I'm not one to let it out very often.  I don' think I'm setting myself up for a heart attack, though. I always remind myself that "this too shall pass" and after a few breaths, my anger levels are at a more appropriate level.

Envy--The Mommy Wars drive me crazy and I think/hope we are starting to come to the end of women competing over who can make the best Bento lunch and have the whitest carpet in the land. Or maybe I just gave up and stopped competing altogether.  I am the best mom I can be for my kids. No one else could be a better mom for Frances, Henry, and Benjamin. That's all I need to know.

Pride--Motherhood has some really great paybacks sometimes.  I love it when my kid gets an award at school, a complement at church or does something kind for a sibling without being prompted.  Of course I brag about them sometimes.  I try to keep it to reasonable levels tough. Mainly because it seems if I brag too much, they like to remind me they are still normal kids with a nice little tantrum in the middle of the grocery aisle!

Which vice is your biggest downfall?  You can share here. No judgement.

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