Thursday, May 1, 2014

#AskAwayFriday with Lydia from Cluttered Genius

Happy Friday, friends!  It's been another busy week and the next two look to be even busier. Then most everything comes to a stop and I can breathe again before school lets out for the summer. This week for #AskAwayFriday, I had a cancellation and decided to pull my friend Lydia from Cluttered Genius into the club! I don't honestly remember how we met, but I guest posted for her when her youngest was born a little over a year ago.  I also reviewed her great children's book. On Thursday, she interviewed me and two other MOAM friends for her blog. Today we are pairing up to swap ten questions and learning a little more about each other!

If you're not familiar with #AskAwayFriday, it's a great way to meet new people and get really nosy! You pair up and swap ten questions with your partner to be answered in a post on Friday.  #AskAwayFriday was created by Penny of The Real Housewife of Caroline County, and is now hosted by some new #AskAwayFriday hosts…
Tamara from Tamara Like Camera,
Tiffany from Mrs. Tee Love Life Laughter,
Christy from Uplifting Families,
Stacey from This Momma’s Ramblings
Amber from Bold Fit Mom

1. Tell me about your job. What do you do?  
I work in on office at the local university.  Specifically I am in the education department, which is cool because that's what my degree is in.  Technically, I am an administrative assistant.  I supervise, schedule, and train the student employees (all 9-10 of them) and do the paperwork so they can get paid.  I also order equipment and supplies for the office, keep an eye on the budget, and other office-type things. Last summer, we look a good look at the inventory system we were using within the college and decided that things would work better if one person was keeping track of all the inventory instead each individual department.  Guess who got that job!?!  I actually don't mind. If I have to interact with the database, I'd prefer it were organized. It didn't used to be, but now it is.

2. When you (finally) have time to yourself, what do you do?
I'll let you know if it ever happens! Actually, I like to read or waste time online.  Right now, I'd love a night to myself to sleep with no interruptions. Henry's had some bad coughing from his asthma lately, and I've been doing midnight breathing treatments.

3. If you could meet one book character, who would it be? Why?
Oh! That's a fun question!! I would love to hang out with Lucy Pevensie and hear all about her adventures in Narnia in her own words.  Plus, I think of the actor who plays her in the movies and I just love her voice and accent!

4. At this point in your life, what is your theme song? Tell me why.
Our family theme song lately has been Katy Perry's Roar.  Frances' teacher is using it her classroom to get the kids pumped up before tests and projects and then I started using it as the wake-up song on their iPad.  It's actually fun and very empowering to start the day with singing and silly hand motions! Even Benjamin knows most of the words!

5. Where do you see yourself (or hope to see yourself) in 20 years?
In 20 years I will be 56. The kids should be out and settled on their own, but hopefully close by.  Frances might even have kids at that point, but she's aiming for vet school so that might take a while.  I would honestly be happy still in this job, doing what I'm doing now.  Maybe, just going home to a different, bigger house in the evenings!

6. If there was a movie about your life, who is playing Rabia?
The kids I used to babysit for used to call me Kat because I looked like Christina Ricci from the movie Casper.  I don't think we look alike anymore, though.  I'm really bad with celebrity names! Maybe Anne Hathaway, but she's too tall.   Selena Gomez?  Ack! I don't know!?!

7. Tell me your  morning routine on a regular work day.
My alarm goes off at 6.  I usually don't really get moving until 6:30 though.  I take a shower and get dressed. Usually by then the kids' alarm goes off (6:55) with Katy Perry.  I keep them moving and get everyone to the table for breakfast by 7:15.  At 7:40 the final alarm goes off and I get Ben and his stuff together.  I drop him off at daycare and then head to work by around 8ish. Ken puts the older two on the bus every day except Tuesday, when he has to be at work early.  On Tuesdays we hurry everything along a little bit and I take all three kids with me. Frances and Henry's before/after-school program is in the same place as Ben's daycare, so I only have one drop off.

I've adjusted a bit since I took this screen shot, but we still use these alarms every morning!

8. What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?
Nothing!  We usually have soccer games, and church at the very least. Some weekends we have more than that. But, I really enjoy the time to hang around the house, catch up on some chores, and watch a bunch of TV!

9. Winter? Spring? Summer? Fall? What's your favorite season? Why?
Summer!! All the way! I like hot weather, I like the sunshine, I like being outside and letting the kids run around barefoot. I like lightning bugs, cookouts, and thunderstorms. I am totally a summer girl!

10. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Can I only pick one!?! I guess the biggest one if people who shuffle their feet.  Just pick up your feet, people!!

I had such an awesome time swapping with Lydia. Make sure you head over to her blog to see the questions I asked her.  Also, I'm working on filling out my May calendar, so if you'd like to swap with me, drop me a line or let me know in a comment! And if you have a celebrity in mind to play me in the Lifetime Original movie about my life, let me know that too!!


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