Tuesday, April 1, 2014

#TuesdayTen: Things That Make me Laugh

I totally forgot to post today!!

April Fool's!

Click here to see something really funny!

Sorry, those were really lame jokes. That's mostly the kind that I deal with around my house. Lots of knock knock jokes from the under 10 set. They've warped my sense of humor. In honor of today's holiday, our #TuesdayTen prompt is "10 Things that Always Make me Laugh."

I hope at least some of these will make you laugh too!

    1) One of my favorite shows is The Big Bang Theory. Ken and I watch the new episodes as they come out and any re-runs we can catch. I think it's an all around great show. My absolute favorite clip is when Sheldon buys Amy a tiara to apologize for belittling her accomplishments earlier in the week.

    2) Do you watch Modern Family? That show is always good for laughs, but my favorite is the episode where Phil makes a book for Haley as she goes off to college. It's called Phil's-Osophy and his quotes crack me up!! You can watch the video here.

        3) I have a "Funny haha" Pinterest board where I save pictures and memes that make me laugh. If you need a smile, you should check it out!

          4) Puns make me laugh. I can't help it. The stupider the better. A student posted some of these on posters around the building last year and I laughed every time I saw them!

          5) You know what else is funny? The Onion. (You do know those stories are made up, right?!) Do you know what's more funny than The Onion? People who think the onion is true!! Literally Unbelievable is a website that collects people's reactions to Onion articles posted on Facebook. (Warning, there are a lot of f-bombs, because apparently Onion articles really get people worked up.)

          Please be advised: Dick Van Dyke is NOT really a serial killer!

          6) Of course my kids make me laugh...at least as often as they make me want to tear my hair out! Frances has just recently started to understand puns and jokes. When she finds one she likes, she repeats it ad nauseum. Her recent favorite (from my dad): "Mommy! Want to hear a magic trick? Grandpa was driving down the road. He was driving and driving and driving. Then, all of a sudden he turned in to a garage!!!"

          7) Henry strikes me as the class clown type of personality. He's got a witty and dry sense of humor and sometimes it takes me a minute to get what he's said to me. I wrote a story about encouraging him to stop running around the house on all fours that was a big hit, but more recently was a story involving his teeth: He has had to have some dental work done and he's been really excited about it. He also had two loose teeth up front that weren't coming out. The adult teeth have grown in behind them (apparently they are known as "shark teeth"). One night as I was helping him floss, I noticed how loose one of his teeth were. I begged him to let me pull it out, but he was scared that it would hurt. I told him that if he didn't let me pull it out, the dentist was going to charge us money to do it. That seemed to sway him, so he opened his mouth and out popped his first tooth! Later that evening as I was putting him to bed, he was wiggling the other tooth. Then as I kissed him, he very dryly said, "Mommy, I think you're gonna have to pay for this one."

          8) Don't forget the littlest Lieber! The other morning Benjamin was watching me load the dishwasher. When I was done I asked him if he wanted to shut it and push the buttons for me. All parents know that kids love nothing more than having permission to push buttons!! He had a hard time with the second button. After he finally pressed it, he turned to me and very matter-of-factly said, "Mommy, dis is the dammit button!" I had to leave the kitchen.

          9) I can't leave Ken out! One of the reasons I fell in love with him is because his sense of humor so closely matches mine. He likes to laugh and make jokes. And he's not above being silly. Lately he's taken to "threatening" the kids that if they don't do what they're told, the "gorilla will help them." Then he proceeds to chase them around the house hunched over like a big gorilla and tickling them.

          10) I'll end with this video of a child throwing a temper tantrum. I think of this video almost every time my kids have a fit. Mainly because it reminds me that 95% of the tantrum has to do with getting attention.

            When you finish laughing, go ahead and link up a list of things that make you laugh. Maybe use the restroom first, so you don't wet your pants!

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