Thursday, April 10, 2014

Float Like a Butterfly; Sting Like a Bee; Sneak Up on People Like a Cat

I know that the camera adds ten pounds. I'm not sure how many inches it adds, but just in case that happens too, I feel the need to share some truth with you: I am only 5 feet tall.  I know you're shocked! You thought I was crouching in all those pictures with my kids!  And these drawings my kids did led you to believe I was much taller.  That's ok.
I usually wear heels to work. Partly because I like them, but also because they make me an inch or two taller.  Of course, even with heels, I'm still short.  Oh well.  I've actually gotten used to being a vertically challenged person (sorry, Crystal!) People think it's hysterical to lean their elbows on my head and call me an arm rest.  Hysterical, I tell you!! And totally original. Every.single.time!

Despite wearing heels, though, I still manage to walk very quietly.  I don't do it on purpose (usually), but people are always accusing me of sneaking up on them.  After two or three incidences in the same day, I will even start to try and consciously make noise as I walk so I can stop jumping people!

It got me thinking of the ways in which I am like a cat, so when I saw the Spin Cycle prompt for this week, I felt like I should flesh out that thought a bit. The question on the table is: Are you a dog person or a cat person?"  The short (haha) answer is that I am and always have been a cat person.  I'm mostly terrified of dogs, although I concentrate very hard to hide that fact from my kids. I don't want to pass my fear along to them.

Growing up we always had at least one cat and we have one now, although he's getting up there in age.  I think that cats and I have a lot in common, for example:

  • I am stealthy and can travel easily through crowds. I am also very quiet when I move, so that I often sneak up on people.
  • There are times when I suddenly think of something I need in another room of the house, so I will jump up from whatever I am doing and race to another room.  Once there, of course, I forget why I am there and I stand in the middle of the floor looking around confusedly.  That last one's not really a cat-like thing though, pretty sure that's just being a mom!
  • If I had my choice, I'd spend the day napping in a sunbeam curled up on a blanket.  Oscar seems to really enjoy that and it always looks so cozy.  If I could spend a day being a cat, that's what I'd do.
  • I like back rubs and head scratches.  I'll take all I can get. I don't think I purr, but I might.  ;)
  • Sometimes I see a bowl of food and scarf it down so quickly that I immediately puke it up all over the floor.  Actually, no, I don't do that.  Just the cat does that. That's GROSS!!
What do you think??
How about you? Are you a cat person or a dog person?

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