Tuesday, February 11, 2014

#TuesdayTen: Things That Make Me Cry {LinkUp}

Before I became a mother for the first time, I don't remember crying all that much.  Sure I cried over a boyfriend or two in high school.  I cried when I got hurt. But I remember being able to read Hallmark cards and watch TV commercials with consistently dry eyes.

After motherhood?  That's a different story!  So many things make me cry!  Not full on messy faced sob session, but leaky eyes and a drippy nose kind of crying.  Well today, in honor of "Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day," I am sharing Ten Things that Make me Cry.
  1. Sappy commercials--Folgers Coffee has some holiday commercials I had to completely avoid back in December, and I don't even drink coffee! Proctor and Gamble has the "Thanks Mom" series that gets me every year!
  2. Seeing someone else cry is a surefire way to make me cry.  Especially if a man is crying.  I can't help it! I'm a sympathetic crier!! Unless it's my kids.  Them, I can ignore!
    That? That's just a tantrum. Doesn't slow me down!
  3. Being proud of someone seems to make me cry.  Not even just my own kids.  When the children's choir sings at Mass, I look at those kids and remember that I've known them since they were three years old and my eyes get watery.  Or when the teens I had in my youth program grow up and start to become adults.  That makes me cry too.
  4. Onions.  I almost didn't add this to the list, because for a long time they didn't bother me, but lately I have been a wet mess every time I've tried to chop them!!
  5. Getting Angry-This is not good for my cause when I get heated up.  There have been a few things that have made me really mad, but when I try to voice my opinion of defend my point, I just start to cry.  I can talk through it, but I feel like it cheapens my cause somehow.
  6. Being tired-Sometimes life gets overwhelming.  I'm trying to spin too many plates and they all come crashing down.  And then I'm tired. So I sit down and have a good, blubbery cry. And then, usually I feel better.
  7. Mass-This is not a regular occurrence because I am quite frequently distracted at Mass.  However, if the stars align and the kids are good and the homily hits the right nerve, I will lose it.  And once those requirements are met, I'm pretty much a goner for the rest of the Mass.  Just the power of the whole story; Jesus' love for me; the majesty of God's creation; the power of the Holy Spirit; the music, it all gets to me.
  8. Thinking about my babies growing up-As first Frances and then Henry and now Benjamin start doing things to prove they are growing up, I get a little sad.  Benjamin zipped his own coat last week.  He was shocked and proud of himself, and my eyes teared up.  He hasn't tried it since then, but I know he's gonna get there.  Listening to Henry read to himself (or to Ben) on the couch makes me cry.  Watching Frances dance or reading her stories makes me cry. 
  9. Leaving my mom and dad's house.  I love being able to visit my mom and dad.  I wish I could do it more often.  Whenever I leave, my mom and dad come out front and help me get the kids in the car (if the kids were with me).  Then my mom says, "drive safely" which used to annoy me as a teen, but I now recognize it as another way for her to say "I love you."  Then my parents stand on the sidewalk and wave and blow kisses and sign "I love you" and I cry until I get to the interstate.
  10. Facebook timeline video music (download instructions here).  I've seen so many of them popping up on facebook. And of course I watch most of them.  I'm sure they're not all sappy, but most of them are.  Now just the sound of that music makes me cry.
How about you? Are you a crier?  Link up below with your list of things that make you cry! Then go read some other posts. And bring some tissues!

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