Thursday, February 20, 2014

Old School Blogging: Valentine's Day Style!

For some reason this year Valentine's Day seems to be the holiday that never ends.  I guess it's mainly because of the weather we had.  We were completely snowed in on Thursday and Friday of last week.  The kids had to postpone their holiday parties at school.  Frances and Henry had theirs on Monday, but Ben's isn't until today.  On Tuesday, Lisa and I shared a ton of love with our #TuesdayTen linkup of our favorite blogs. Today I thought I'd try out some "Old School Blogging" with these Valentine's Day themed questions from Miss Elaine-ous and Tamara.

How do you typically celebrate Valentine’s Day?
Valentine's Day at our house is more about the kids really.  They make their Valentine cards for their classmates and teachers.  They collect candy at school and make crafts for us.  Ken and I don't go all out for the holiday, which is perfectly fine with me. 

Do you like to get A)chocolates B) flowers  C) a sweet card or D) ALL OF THE ABOVE?
I would not say "no" to any of them, but handwritten cards mean the most.  Plus, those I get to keep forever, where flowers are gone after a few days and chocolates...those last a few hours.

Would you consider yourself a “cuddler”?  If not, would you at least cuddle on Valentine’s Day?  
I can be a cuddler sometimes.  My boys like sitting on my lap in the evenings, but that might such be because I always claim prime real estate on the couch.  Ken and I like to sit together to watch TV after the kids go to bed.  We sit together then, most of the time.  I honestly can't sleep with people touching me though.

What is your favorite movie about love or with a love story?  
I love The Princess Bride.  In some ways the story is silly, but overall I just love it!!

Do you believe in “love at first sight”?  Did it happen to you?  
I feel like an old fuddy duddy saying this, but I don't really believe in it.  I think you can like someone right away, and maybe you know that the person you just met is someone you want to spend a good deal of time with, but love is so much more than that.  I don't think it's instant. It takes work. Needless to say, Ken and I did not fall in love at first sight. We were friends for three or four years before we started dating and we dated for five years before we got married.

What is one of the main things you love about your S.O.(significant other)?   
I love Ken's sense of humor.  We like to laugh together. We have lots of inside jokes that get passed back and forth between us.  And it's great to see the kids picking up on his sense of humor.

Do you believe love can conquer all things?
I think that with love you can do a lot.

If you could have the perfect Valentine date what would you and your loved one do?
The perfect date for us would probably be a nice dinner and maybe a movie (if I can stay awake that long!) If it isn't February, I could go for a hike and a picnic.

Tell me about your first crush!  
His name was Blake.  He was in my Kindergarten class.  He had blond hair, blue eyes and dimples.  We kissed under the table at lunch one day.  

Do you have any embarrassing or horror dating stories? 
I don't know if it counts as a dating horror story, since I didn't actually know it was a date.  Or maybe that qualifies it!  Anyway, A guy friend of mine asked me out for lunch. We went to an Applebee's.  We were talking and laughing and I took a drink of my Dr. Pepper.  When I set it down, I missed the table and put the glass on the edge of my plate.  It tipped forward and spilled Dr. Pepper all over the table and some on him.  We laughed about it, but it was quite embarrassing!

Favorite flower?
I am partial to daisies, but honestly right now these are my favorites!

What’s the first type of chocolate you hope for when you reach into a box of chocolates?   
I like the caramels.  I don't like anything with a fruity filling or coconut.  I also don't care for plain chocolate without something else to break up the taste.

Favorite love song?
I'm not good with naming songs! I sing along to everything and never know the names to anything!!

What is the best breakup song? 
See above

Favorite celebrity couple? 
I'm not sure I can answer this, because they'll probably have broken up by the time I post this.  I don't follow celebrities enough to have a favorite, honestly!

Overall, are you pro- or anti- Valentine’s Day? 
I am anti-hype.  I hate the pressure that people feel to be with someone on this random day of the year. I hate the thought o getting a gift just because the calendar says so.  But I do love love.  I like the idea of kids exchanging sweet notes with each other and taking the time to tell people you care.  I guess I'm wishy-washy on the topic.

If someone did that “Say Anything” boombox thing outside your window, would you be into it, or call the police? 
I would probably have to call the police, because there is no way Ken would ever do something like that and I wouldn't want it done by anyone else but him.

First thing you notice about the objects of your affection? 
Smile?   I think that's the first thing I notice about most people.  Not whether you have a nice smile, but just whether you tend to smile at all.  I try not to spend time around grumpy people, so people who spontaneously smile are my kind of people!

What’s the best thing you’ve ever gotten for Valentine’s Day?
Hugs and kisses from my family!

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