Thursday, February 20, 2014

#AskAwayFriday with Lanaya from Raising Reagan

I'm so glad it's Friday! February seems like the month that never ends, and this week made it seem even longer!  I've been yearning for Friday since about Monday morning at 10:00! I am happy to say that my only plans for the weekend involve hanging around the house and teaching Sunday school for Benjamin's class. I might try to fold a few loads of laundry, but I don't want to overdo anything!!

Since it's Friday I am excited to present another #AskAwayFriday! This week I am paired up with Lanaya from Raising Reagan.   Lanaya is a self-proclaimed gym rat and OCD perfectionist. She has a three and a half year old daughter, Reagan. Lanaya blogs about her adventures in raising her daughter, her recent return to the workforce and the educational children's toys that she sells at her site Reagan's Toy Chest.

Just to recap, #AskAwayFriday is a great way to connect with other bloggers and learn more about them.  Each week you find a partner and swap ten questions to answer  on your blog.  Then you can head over to the hosts' and link up your post. You can check out my answer's to Lanaya's questions below and then you can head over and check out the other posts.

1. One of the things that attracted me to your blog is your ability to draw a reader into your post. Have you ever, or would you ever, consider writing a book {outside of your Mother of All Meltdowns awesomeness?} 
Wow! I'm honored that you would even ask that!  I guess I do have a book or two in my head, but they aren't complete ideas and I've never written them down. One idea is geared towards adults and the other is for kids. I'd really like to write the children's book and have Ken illustrate it. He says his drawings are no good, but I like his pictures!

2. You are the contestant on Jeopardy. What categories would you like to see and dominate? 
My friend Deserae is going to crack up when she sees this question!  I haven't watched Jeopardy in a while, but I used to watch it with my parents all the time.  I don't do well with history type questions or anything to do with dates. I'm probably 50/50 on pop culture stuff.  My best categories are probably the language and vocabulary ones.  I like the ones that have to start with a specific letter or have a certain number of letters or syllables.

 3. All three of your children are unique in their own right. Knowing that and being able to see into the future, pick their future job. 
Frances will be mad at me if I don't say "vet" for her.  She's been aiming for that since she was about four and she swears she'll never change her mind.  Henry likes to ask lots of questions and figure out how things work, so I could see him as an inventor or scientist of some sort.  On the other hand, he's very persistent and pig-headed, so I often say he'll run his own company someday.  It's hard to tell with Benjamin because he's still young and still forming his personality. He does love to sing though, and he can remember the lyrics to songs he's only heard once or twice. Maybe he'll be a musician of some sort.

 4. I asked Stacey this last week and I loved reading her answer because I too have a recurring dream. Do you have one? 
The only recurring dream I have isn't even a full dream. I often dream that I am walking through a house. I see a door that I think is to a closet of something similarly small, but when I open it to go through it's another room.  In the dream I keep walking through doors into new rooms without every getting anywhere.  I wonder what that says about my life??

5. I was reading a post of yours from last Summer. You mentioned that you hadn’t seen some of the iconic movies from the “Brat Pack.” {The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles} Have you seen any of them a year later? 
You can see the post here. And for as mad as it seems to make people, I've still never seen those movies.  I've actually still not done any of those things on the original list.

6. You are a bit of a math geek {said with love!} What is it about math that calms you?
I do like math!  I like that math has an answer. You can work a problem and get to the end and know whether you are correct or not. Even if there are a ton of steps or it gets confusing. If you work hard, follow the instructions and do things the way you're supposed to, you'll get the right answer. Life doesn't work that way, unfortunately.

7. Do you have a least favorite flavor or smell? 
I have two smells that I cannot stand! I do not like vanilla or maple.  They both make me nauseous. I don't like the taste of coconut.

8. I’m going to roll 8-10 into one question: 
     a. Trade places with one blogger for the day .. who do you pick? 
      I'm going to trade places with you, Lanaya!  That way I can be somewhere warm and have a pool in my backyard!!

     b. Trade places with one blog for the day … which blog do you takeover? 
     I would take over The Dose of Reality's blog.  Then I would get to hang out with Lisa and Ashley and be in on their amazing sounding blog conversations they always have!
     c. Trade places with one celebrity for the day … who do you become? 
     I don't know that there's a celebrity that I would trade places with.  Their lives seem so busy and stressful.  I think I'd much rather stick with my mostly boring, uneventful existence!
     d. And finally … trade places with one historical figure for the day … who do you choose, what day {if applicable} and why? 
     My first thought would be to trade places with some really awful person from history and make them alter their actions, but I worry that I might not have that much control and I might have to watch them commit atrocities.  So I don't think I'm going to pick that.  I think I'd rather go back in time to listen to a famous speech. I could just be a spectator and hear Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, or maybe Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream Speech.

These were some awesome questions! I had such fun thinking of my answers! I hope you check out the questions I asked Lanaya and then head over to one of the hosts and check out the rest of the posts. As a side note, I'm scheduling March's partners, so whether you've played before or not, if you'd like to pair up with me for a Friday in March just let me know!

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