Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fun With Siri

It all started after I read a friend's facebook post about Siri.  If you don't know, Siri is the digital personal assistant that comes with newer generation Apple devices.  I don't have Siri on my phone, but I do on the iPad I got for work.  The kids like to play with Siri and ask her silly questions, but we had never gotten all that creative with her before.

Apparently, though, Siri is pretty up to date with her pop culture.
You can actually ask her that same question repeatedly and she will read out some of the other possibilities of what a fox says from the song.  Hearing it in her digitized voice was the cause for much giggling and laughing here over the weekend.

In that same facebook thread there was another question you could try out:

This led us to look up a few more questions and make up some of our own.  Frances was sick on Saturday, so she slept through most of the afternoon fun, but the boys got a huge kick out of asking different questions just to hear the answers.

Part of the appeal was the answer, but the other part was focused on her funny voice. They asked the same questions over and over again, laughing madly between each one.  We discovered that many of the questions have more than one answer available.  After that, of course, we had to ask ALL the questions repeatedly, just to make sure we didn't miss an answer. It was nice, for once, for me not to be the one at the other end of their incessant questioning!!

Frances woke up to come and join us for dinner.  She actually just had plain noodles while the rest of us had spaghetti, but she managed to keep them down and was actually looking much better.  I ended up putting the boys to bed, but it didn't seem fair to send her to bed since she had basically just woken up from sleeping all day.  She and I played with Siri for a little while, but it was much more difficult because Frances was laughing so hard that Siri couldn't understand most of her questions. Then when I would repeat the question, Frances would laugh so hard that she'd miss the answers!  It's a true miracle that the boys didn't come out to see what was going on!

You can Google other questions to ask Siri. I'll warn you, some of them are not kid-friendly, so don't do like I did and have your kids reading over your shoulder when you look.  Of course, Siri is more mature and has much better manners than many humans on the internet.

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  1. So funny. My daughter LOVES asking Siri random things. I'll have to show her these questions.


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