Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ask Me Anything Wednesday!

As I mentioned on Monday (when I posted my BIG GIVEAWAY --sorry Ashley) today is the day I am opening up the comments for you to ask me questions.  I thought this would be a fun twist to the #AskAwayFridays I've been participating in.  So, today, ask me a question and then check back on Friday for the answers.  If you leave a blog link, I'll even give you some linky love in the post on Friday.  I'd like to write the post before 4 PM EST on Thursday, so that's a soft deadline for posting a question. Please note that even though I usually try to respond to all my comments right away, I will not be responding with answers this time.  I'm going to make you check back on Friday!

Now, just so this isn't completely a throw away post, I thought I'd share some behind the scenes info about my blog, in case you are curious.

That dip is from the summer when posting got a little off track and so did readership!

  • I pre-write and schedule a lot of my posts.  You can almost always tell if a post is scheduled because it will go live at 6:23 AM.  That's my anniversary (6/23), so it's just a cute little thing I do.
  • As of 3:30 PM on Tuesday, December 17, 2013 (see? pre-written) I've had 71,822 all time page views.  Last month I had 6,506 page views.  I love looking at that graph because it just keeps going up!!
  • I have published 738 posts. Actually this one will be #739.  266 267 of those posts are from this year.
  • According to Google, my page rank is 1/10, which is not great, but it's not ZERO or N/A and it's higher that it used to be, so I'll take it!!
  • Most of my audience comes from the US, but the next 5 on the most popular list are: Russia, China, France, Germany, and Canada.  So...Privet, Ni hao, Bonjour, Hallo, and Hello, eh! to all my foreign readers!!
  • My most common search terms are:
    • ground hog
    • garbage truck
    • groundhogs
    • theliebers
    • calming caddy
  •  My most popular posts are over on the sidebar already and automatically updated.  Actually those are the most popular from the past month. The list of most popular of all time involves some drama that I would prefer to not re-live, so I fixed that setting in my widget.
  • I have designed the background, header, follow buttons, sponsor grid and button all on my own.  I'm not sure if that is a brag or an apology!  I know just enough Photoshop and HTML to be slightly dangerous and I love playing around with them!
  • I have ads here, but I don't make huge amounts of money from them.  I am closing in on $200 in a little of two and a half years.  I think one of my blogging resolutions will be to see if I can raise that number.

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