Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ask Away Friday with Melissa from Home on Deranged

TGIAAF!  Thank goodness it's (Ask Away) Friday!!  It's been a rough week. I've been tired and under the weather. I finally got a bit of a break yesterday, but I still feel like I could sleep for a week.  This week I paired up with Melissa from Home on Deranged to swap questions for Ask Away Friday. She sent me 10 questions that I've answered below. When you're finished reading my answers, you can hop on over to Melissa's blog and see how she answered the questions I gave her.

1) You have two boys and one girl. Which one is easier to raise?
I think the answer is fairly relative. Frances was harder at first because she was my first born and I had no idea what I was doing.  The boys were easier in comparison, because I had a few tricks up my sleeve at that point.  Right now the boys are giving me a run for my money because they are both quite rambunctious! They wear me out physically, but Frances wears me out mentally.  She has reached the eye-rolling, emotional stage that I've been dreading.  She's still my sweet girl, but...well...hormones. 
2) Your stories are filled with humor. Do you consider yourself a funny person or a person who knows how to write funny?
It probably depends on who you ask!  I think I'm funny, but my husband doesn't always agree.  Now that I think about it, maybe that's where Frances picked up the eye-rolling!!  Actually, Ken and I both come from funny, teasing families.  I remember when he and I were dating, his brother made fun of me for something.  My not-quite-mother-in-law pulled me aside and tried to explain that teasing was how they showed love in their family.  I laughed and said I didn't recognize it any other way!
3) What is the very first thing you do in the morning?
The very first thing I do?  Try to go back to sleep! LOL!!  OK, the truth is I've reached that age where the very first thing I do in the morning it get up and go to the bathroom. If I have to wait my turn, I check my email or facebook first. 
4) If you could spend Christmas anywhere, where would it be?
Anywhere? I'd spend Christmas in my very clean, new house that I have been hoping for. I'd invite family to stay with us in our spacious guest rooms and we'd just enjoy the day together!
5) You are 10 years old again. You can have a new bike or a new video game. Which do you choose?
At 10?  I think I was more into video games at that point.  I think we only had a hand-me-down system at that point, but the (cute) boy down the street who was friends with my brother had a pretty large collection.  I was really into computer stuff then too.
6) You are one of the co-authors of The Mother of All Meltdowns. What was your writing process in writing your chapter?
I started writing the story before I had sent my agreement back to Crystal.  I wanted to make sure that I had a whole story.  After I agreed, I tweaked it a bit and then let it sit for a while.  Close to the deadline, I pulled it out again and made sure that it still said what I wanted it to say.   Then I sent it to a friend to proofread it and give me some pointers.
7) Which is better: sunrise or sunset? Why?
I like sunrises.  They are the beginning of the day, full of hope and fresh starts. Sunsets are an ending and I'm almost always tired when I see one.
8) Tell us one of your quirky behaviors.
Just one?  Hmmm...OK, I count the number of times I rub deodorant on each armpit.  They have to be equal.  I can't believe I just typed that!!
9) What is your motivation to keep writing?
I started on a whim, and kept it up because my mom liked it.  Almost six years later, I keep it up because it's something I do for me.  It is my outlet and I enjoy it.  I love the interaction between other bloggers and cI love the insights I get, even into my own brain.  More than once I have written out an entire post, stream of consciousness style and then in the re-reading of it, I realize I have answered my own question or solved my own problem.
10) I just gave you $1,000 to spend on yourself and only yourself. How do you spend it?
I would love a new sewing machine.  I don't use my regularly, but when I do get it out, I get frustrated because things don't work as well as they should.  I'd also like to get a nice camera and maybe some time to take a few photography classes.  

Don't forget head over to Home on Deranged to see Melissa's answers and then click here for other Ask Away Friday pairings!

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