Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Scary Mommy Thanksgiving Project and World Kindness Day

Did you know that today is World Kindness Day?  While it's not officially celebrated in the United Staes, I don't see that any harm can come from a day of celebrating kindness.  I think that's what the world needs more of in general: people being kind to one another!

I've blogged about being broke before.  I've been broke plenty more times without blogging about it.  The truth is, that even if the current balance in my bank account is zero, I know it will only really stay that way until the next payday.  My husband and I are both fortunate enough to be employed full time in positions that are very secure.  I also know that we have an extensive support system of people who won't let us fall flat on our faces.

I wrote an essay for a book about parenting meltdowns, and ironically my meltdown had to do with money.  I was faced with the possibility of our budget changing drastically so that much more was going out than was coming in. I had my little rant and after I calmed myself, I realized that things were not as bad as they had originally seemed.

Unfortunately, that is not the reality in many other homes.  There are moms (and dads) out there who are struggling to get by; and during Thanksgiving, while the rest of us are gorging ourselves on turkey and ALL the fixings, they are eating ramen noodles.  Or maybe watching their kids eat ramen noodles while they skip another meal.

As a group, my co-contributers have decided to join in the Scary Mommy Thanksgiving project and sponsor a family this holiday.  No families should have to worry where they next meal comes from in this land of plenty where we live.  Any amount will help.  Together we can make a difference in the lives of families who might live right next door to you or me. Please join me to ensure that families have enough to eat this Thanksgiving.

Click the button below to donate, or you can send a check to Scary Mommy Nation • PO Box 20866 • Baltimore, MD • 21209. Scary Mommy Nation is a registered 501(c)3 charity, so 100% of your donation is tax deductible.

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