Thursday, November 28, 2013

My First Ask Away Friday!!

My friend Tamara has been doing Ask Away Friday interviews for a while and they always look so fun.  Two weeks ago, I eavesdropped on a Twitter conversation between two other people setting up interviews and I jumped in and asked if I could play.  Mrs. Tee of Love Life Laughter agreed to swap questions with me and we scheduled this date for the reveal. I had a fun time reading about her awesome family and her amazing outlook on life.  She asked some great questions of me, so I will answer them here and then you can go check out her answers to the questions I asked.

  1. I love your family portrait on your header.  How often do you take a family portrait? That picture is from a wedding we attended a year and a half ago.  My former co-worker got married and had all three of our kids in the wedding! Actually she had 8 flower girls and 3 ring bearers!!  I thought it would be crazy, but it worked out perfectly.  My other friend, Stacey, was the photographer and she knew I would like a family picture done while we were all dressed up.  She took this one pretty close to the end of the night which is why we are looking a little sweaty and tired.  I've kept the picture for two main reasons: one, because I love it and think it's a great shot; and two, because we haven't had a family picture done since then.  Stacey has offered and I have tried to take her up on it, but life keeps getting in the way!!
  2. Is it difficult to select outfits that coordinate for a family of 5? It was easy for my header picture because we were at a wedding and the kids were already dressed to the nines.  Ken likes to coordinate with me when I get dressed up, so that just happened without too much planning.  The time before this when we had pictures done, I spent about two weeks pouring over Pinterest to find the right outfits that would coordinate together without looking like we tried too hard!
  3. You describe yourself as 'actively procrastinating' near the start of your Blog in 2007.  Is procrastination something that is common for you or are you normally a planner? I've often thought that I would make a great president for Procrastinators Anonymous, but then I've never gotten around to actually starting that club.  No one has apparently!!  In all honesty, I've gotten a bit better since that first post, but I still tend to put off a lot of things that need to be done! I do try to make plans when other people are involved.
  4. What is your favorite dessert?  Mmm-mmm! Dessert...I like cherry pie or apple pie. I also like good fudgey brownies or chocolate chip cookies.  I don't like things to be too sweet, but there aren't many desserts that I would turn down.
  5. Recently you visited a Putt-Putt looks like you guys had a lot of fun.  What other activities do you and your family do for a fun day out? That's a tough question.  Family time is scarce because of my husband's job. I am often tor between taking the kids out for something fun and feeling bad because Ken doesn't get to come along.  We like visiting local parks and we've got a membership to our local Children's Museum.  As the kids get older and Ben gives up naps completely, I'm sure we'll get out more on the weekends.
  6. Have you started decorating for Christmas yet?  My hubby and I couldn't wait. We started last week and even lit them already! LOL  I like my holidays one at a time.  We don't decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving.  That's also another hard one to coordinate, because I want Ken to be able to participate, so we have to wait for the perfect moment and jump on it.  
  7. Do you decorate inside and outside or one or the other? Our house doesn't have any electrical outlets outside, so we've always kept all the decorating to the interior.  I do like adding candles to the windows and a wreath on the door, so I guess you can see some of the decorations from the outside.
  8. What is a typical Christmas Day in your home? Early risers or sleep in and make a lazy day of it?  My kids are early, early risers EXCEPT for school days and Christmas!  Last Christmas we had to wake them up!!!  Personally, I prefer to get up early and open presents in our pajamas before breakfast.  Ken likes to get up and eat and get dressed before hand.  Either way, Christmas is usually a lazy day. We don't go anywhere other than church. We try to just spend the day together.
  9. I noticed your family went to Disney!  What is your favorite memory of the experience? The thing I loved most about our Disney trip was getting to watch the kids' faces as they experienced it all!  I had never been before either, so I didn't really have expectations and I wasn't able to prepare them for what would happen.  We just live in the moment for the trip and they had a great time!
  10. My signature question: are you a part of Team Tea or the Coffee Crew? I feel out of sync with the rest of the internet on this one, but I don't like coffee at all.  I enjoy the smell and I love it when my boss brews coffee in my office for our co-workers, but I can't stand the taste of it.  I do like tea, but it has to be decaf.  Caffeine and I are not friends at all!

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