Wednesday, November 20, 2013

If you Ask a Mom to Bake Brownies

This post may or may not be based on actual events...that happened to someone else...

If you ask a mom to bake brownies, she will gladly accept, because...umm...brownies!

She will turn the oven on to pre-heat and miraculously remember to check inside to see if any pans are drying inside.

She'll put away the pans she washed two weeks ago and forgot about.

While she's putting away the pans, she'll re-stack all the cookie sheets that keep falling over.

Seeing the cookie sheets will remind her that she set out to bake brownies.

She will get the mix out of the cabinet and look for a bowl to mix things in.

While looking for the bowl, she'll realize that it's in the dishwasher.

When she tries to open the dishwasher, she'll notice the groceries she never finished putting away after the last trip to the grocery store.  She'll put those away.

After organizing the cereal and stacking the cans so they don't fall over, she'll remember the brownies and go back to the dishwasher to find a bowl.

As she's opening the dishwasher, she'll step on the wet towel soaking up the leak (and curse the guy who got the address wrong last week and never showed up to look at it).  Seeing the towel will remind her to go run a load of laundry.

She'll gather up the laundry the kids threw in the bathroom and take it downstairs to stick it in the washer.  Of course, that means taking dry clothes out of the dryer and transferring wet ones to the dryer.

She'll take the dry clothes upstairs and sit down on the couch to start folding it.

The *beep beep beep* of the oven will remind her that she preheated it to bake some brownies.

She'll go back to the dishwasher and finally open it to find the bowl.

Once she's got the bowl, she'll mix up the brownies and stick them in the oven.  While the brownies are baking in the oven, she'll go back out to the couch to fold some more laundry.

The incessant beeping of the oven will wake her up and remind her that the brownies are done cooking.

She'll go to the kitchen and grab a glass of milk and cut out a piece of brownie for quality control purposes only.

She'll eat her brownie, drink some milk and fall back asleep folding laundry on the couch.

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