Monday, November 18, 2013

Have You Made Your Christmas List Yet??

Are you done with your Christmas shopping?  I'm not!  Haven't even really started.  Well not completely.  I truly like to take my holidays one at a time and so I typically try to finish with Thanksgiving before I start in on Christmas.  We like to savor Advent around here.  But I get that not everyone feels that way.  In fact, I know a few people who finish their Christmas shopping for the following year by shopping at all the after-Christmas sales!  I would totally LOSE anything I tried to buy that early!!

I have nothing against people who finish all their shopping early.  Kudos to you for having the brain cells to remember where you put it and who it's for!!  I try really hard to accommodate all of my early shopping friends and relatives, though.  Especially when it comes to gifts for my kids.  I have running lists in my head of things I would never buy them things they might enjoy having and don't own yet.  I also have a very special list here.  Go check it out.  Unless you've already bought my kids presents. Because then it's probably already too late.  But don't worry! I'm a forgiving person!
We have bins just like this at home!

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