Friday, November 8, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Truth

Five Minute Friday

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Five minutes on grace...

This morning Benjamin opened the window at day care and yelled out to me as I was getting in the van.  Usually he yells goodbye and that he loves me.  This morning he yelled something I couldn't quite understand.  So I yelled, "I love you too!" and kept walking.

Then he yelled again, because apparently this was important. "Mommy?!  What's the name of the lion?"
Me: "The what!?!"
Ben: "Mommy! What's the name of the lion in that movie?!"


Me: "You mean Aslan?"
Ben: "Yeah! I love you!"

I have no idea what brought that to his mind, but as I was getting in the car I felt a little smug because of all the lions in all the movies, I felt like Aslan was a pretty good one to ask about.  We've been reading the book at night after seeing the movie a few weeks ago.  We've gotten into some good conversations about the differences.

But honestly I was feeling a bit smug because asked about such a classic.  Not The Lion King or some other cartoon-y animal.  He asked about the lion from C.S.Lewis' classic Christian allegory.

The truth is though, I am much more likely to be asked about the cartoon-y stuff. Or eating junk food. Or wearing this pair of underwear again the next day because they're his favorties.

But those conversations happen in our house.  Not across the parking lot where other people might be impressed with what I'm exposing my kids to.

I guess my point is, that after I felt that bit of smugness, I also felt called to tell the truth. I'm not doing this parenting thing perfectly. We watch TV while we eat junk for dinner.  And occasionally the fight over changing underpants just isn't worth it.  The truth is, I'm not doing it all right.  But I'm, not doing it all wrong either.

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