Friday, November 15, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Tree

Five Minute Friday

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Five minutes on tree...

There is a tree in our  yard. It's a horrible tree that hangs out over the road and has really shallow roots that stick up all over the yard.  The lawnmower hates that tree.  I have hated it frequently too.  Like the time one of the horizontal branches got too low over the road and I was worried it was going to break and cause an obstacle.  So I got a chainsaw from a friend and Ken had plans to cut it down, but then some neighbor parked their car there and went on vacation.  Not only could we not trim the tree for fear of it landing on the car, but we were worried that it would fall anyway and smash the car despite our best efforts to remove the hazard!  Even calling the police was no help because the owners were out of town or otherwise not answering their cell phones.

Ultimately the tree branch did fall, missing the car but disrupting traffic until the city had to cut it down because Ken was at work and I have no idea how to yield a chainsaw.

I hate that tree when it comes time to mow the grass because I run over roots and trip on parts on it. I have to duck under branches and weave in and out of this sprawling tree.  The leaves get slippery and the tree itself is on a hill, so that ups the stakes as well.

But it's a tree my kids can climb fairly safely.  In fact, Frances has decided that when she grows up she is going to live in that tree. That way she can have a place of her own but still be close to home.  She says she might have to come visit to use the bathroom or cook dinner, but otherwise she feels she will be quite comfortable living in that tree in our side yard. 

I cut that tree some slack now because when I see it, it reminds me of my daughter's desires to stay close to us even when she goes out on her own.  I recognize the folly of a 8, 9, 10 year old's dream, but I also acknowledge the sentiment behind it.  She feels safe and loved in her home and she wants to stay close to it forever.  I'm fairly certain she'll never actually live in that tree, but I can't bear to cut it down and destroy her fantasy.  So, for now, it stays.

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