Friday, November 22, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Fly

Five Minute Friday

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Five minutes on fly...


I put jeans on Benjamin this morning. I was a bit shocked when it let me because it seems like just a few weeks ago that he screamed and threw a hissy fit about any kind of pants that touched his knees.  He was so used to shorts that he just refused to wear pants.  We had to ease into the new wardrobe with long shorts and then sweatpants and finally jeans and khakis.

The surprising thing is how quickly that stage passed.  In retrospect a lot of these childrearing stages seem to fly by.  The ones where I swear they are intentionally trying to drive me insane?  Like earlier this month when Benjamin was resisting getting dressed and then I finally managed to get his shoes on and he decided that he wanted to do it "hisself" and so he took the shoes off, switched feet and then screamed because they wouldn't fit on the WRONG feet!

I was angry that morning.  That was also the morning he got mad at me when we got to daycare because I had "forgotten" to give him a bag of cereal that he had just now, for the first time, asked for.  Please note that he had already eatedn breakfast, and he would sson be eating again at school.

Those times seem so intense at the exact moment that I am going through them.  Then time passes and I realize it wasn't such a big deal in the scheme of things.  The time tends to fly by and I forget how mad I was or how crazy he made me.  Hopefully I don't also forget how much joy he brings.  Those stories, thankfully, seem to stick better in my memory.


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