Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013!!

I was thinking about Halloween this morning.  I know there are a lot of people that don't celebrate the holiday. There are those that think it is gory, or scary, or of the devil.  Personally I think it is a fun day to be silly and dress up in fun clothes.  I have enjoyed dressing up at work the past few years, and of course the kids have fun dressing up as well.  This year they get to wear their costumes to school! Technically they are supposed to be book characters, but I went to the store and bought them Super Hero books to take to school so they could get away with it.  I'm such a good mommy!!

In fact, today I am Wonder Mommy!  Wonder Mom is a mythical creature who is ready for anything! (Wonder Mom also has an early morning Zumba class on Thursdays, so please excuse the sweaty red face!)

Wonder mom is ready for a night on the town with Super Dad.  Of course, she is also ready to wash dishes.  Or give out snacks, or juice, or plastic ware.  Did you get hurt? Wonder Mom has tissues, bandaids and an ice pack.  Or maybe just a stuffed animal to cuddle with. For the younger crowd, there's a diaper, too.  Wonder Mom also has a rosary for when all else fails and you just need to pray about it!
 Wonder Mom has three perfect children: Iron Man (yes, yes, I know he's the Iron Patriot or War Machine, but trying telling him that!), Super Girl and...a little boy who decided that his costume is "too big!!" this morning and therefore he is not wearing it!  But he does make a cute Batman, doesn't he??

Wonder Mom is married to Super Dad, but hasn't seen him today because of the aforementioned Zumba class, so I can't show you his pictures yet.  Stay tuned!!

Also, just so you know: Wonder Mom does not have meltdowns...EVER.  Because she doesn't really exist.  But if you've ever had a meltdown, witnessed a meltdown, or caused a meltdown, you might enjoy this book: The Mother of All Meltdowns (and I'm in it, in case you didn't know!) and you might be a real mom!

Happy Halloween everybody!!


  1. Thank you for clarifiying that Wonder Mom isn t real because I was getting mighty jealous of her. Stopping by from #SITSsharefest

  2. That's a cute way of putting it.
    I actually thought you were Queen of Clean until I saw the Wonder across your body there..

    Cute post!

    Visiting from #SITSSharefest

    Keep it Touched,

  3. Your kids look adorable! But the wonder mom? Oh, that is just the best...

  4. That is so cute! They look wonderful :)

  5. So cute! Next year, I'm so going to have to make a costume!


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